Thursday, November 29, 2007

because pets are people, too ...

Don't forget that Spot loves Christmas, too!

OK, funny story here . . .
We used to have a very fluffy, friendly, oh-so-loving golden retriever. He was so full of joy and fur. I decided to combine the my love of having a clean home with his love of back scratching. That's how I came up with vacuuming his coat with the brush attachment. He absolutely LOVED it and would get upset when I was done. HA! Well, I found this handy dandy FURminator deShedding Tool a little too late since he is no longer with us. I hear it works like a dream and you gotta love Amazon sales!

If you get the FURminator for your pooch then it would really be like a gift for yourself sooooooooooooooooo get your pup a Cain & Able Collection 1039P Bone-Shaped Spa Basket for Dogs, Peppermint! How cute is that? Oh and both qualify for free shipping!


Myra said...

I just found your blog! This looks interesting!

We have 3 dogs and a cat. We love them dearly.... :)

Stop by my photo blog sometime!
I put scripture to my photography.

Take care! ---Myra

Pennies In My Pocket AKA Melody said...

I love photo blogs! I'll stop by! ;)

Pennies In My Pocket AKA Melody said...

myra ... tried to visit your blog, but its blocked. You have to unblock your profile or give me the link to your blog. :)