Tuesday, November 27, 2007

free (yes free) silver jewelery with real gemstones

I have been getting a few emails about the Silver Jewelery Club lately. A couple of you have placed orders and are totally impressed with the quality! Yaaay! Many of you were leary about real gemstone jewels for FREE and I don't blame you. I did a lot of research (because google is the authority on everything, right?) before placing my first order. Trust me, its free and all you pay is the shipping. SJC uses the freebies to get the word out about their jewelery and so far, their marketing works. They hope that you'll come back and shop their full catalog at peora.com, but if you're like me you'll just keep coming back for the free stuff! hehehe

I have placed many orders and each time I am totally impressed with the quality. Just remember that they show 4 items at a time for 15 minutes, but you can preview the items that will be highlighted. Shipping is quick, too. I usually get my orders in about a week or so ... Makes GREAT gifts!!

Free Sterling Silver with real Gemstones, no catch, no gimmicks, no obligation


Anonymous said...

I got my order last week! I LOVE the jewelery and cannot get over the quality. My daughter is going to be so impressed! I am heading back to the site to order more. Thanks for the info!


Anonymous said...

You talked me into it! I just ordered a beautiful garnet necklace for my daughter's birthday next month. -Gina