Saturday, November 24, 2007

a gift for the family of multiples

I LOVE magazine subscriptions! My Aunt renews my Architectural Digest subscription she gave me years ago and I look forward my nice thick magazine of decorating ideas each month.

I have a fabulous gift idea for the family on your list that has twins, triplets, quads or more! Multiples Magazine is getting ready to kick off their first issue next month and a year subscription is only $5.00! The HUGE bonus to this magazine is that my darling daughter will be in it! She's not from a multiple birth, but was in the NICU and there will be an article addressing what to expect if your little bundle of joy has to stay in Hotel Le NICU. We can't wait to see her photo in it ...

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Anonymous said...

I've already ordered my single copy of Hope's magazine debut!! Happy Thanksgiving and hugs to all :)