Thursday, November 8, 2007

gymboree 30% off sale reminder!!

Well, the buzz is all about the Internet on this one and rightfully so! Just a friendly reminder that the 30% off sale at Gymboree is in full force and will continue until the 11th. I'm going to head to a store and see how much trouble I can get myself into.

I'm just blessed to have a hubby who actually wants to go with me. I think he'd get us in more trouble than I would . . . he picks out the most adorable outfits for our daughter. Truth be told, before she was born (LONG before) we would have "Pick the Cutest Outfit Out For A Baby" contest whenever we were in the baby section of a store. Can you tell we've wanted a child for years??? Well, he would win most of the time....and I wasn't even throwing the game either! ;-)

In Store Coupon - click here
I can't wait to get our daughter's Christmas outfit. (See below) I've had my eye on it for a while. Its just so girly. I call it the baby prom dress! ha! Of course, it will be accessorized with a faux fur shrug, too! I normally would NEVER spend this much on an outfit that a child will wear once, but its her 1st Christmas, so that rule flies out the window....quickly. And it helps that I have a fabulous coupon!

Isn't this just too cute?

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