Sunday, November 4, 2007

hit the target ... or gently tap it

So, every time my husband and I hit Target we find 29390832 more things we 'needed' than what we went in for. I find shopping online helps me from straying down the isles that I aren't on my list....its like tapping Target instead of hitting it. The discounts below should help ease the pain at the cash register for any Target fans .... just make your list and stick to it! ;-)

Spend $50 get free shipping on:
Home Decor

Spend $125 (unfortunately, this is too easy to do)
get 15% off plus free shipping on select:
Bedroom Furniture
Living Room Furniture
Dining Furniture

Free shipping on select holiday kitchen items

I also noticed free shipping on other items that aren't mentioned above, like a Dyson vacuum cleaner and some other random things. Check out for more details.

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