Monday, November 5, 2007

its a bird, its a plane, its a screaming monkey!!!

OK, found this deal today and I have to say I'm going to go down my Christmas list to see who I can get this for. It looks hilarious and the buzz on the internet is that once you launch this Screaming Slingshot Christmas Monkey, you'll have your friends and family roaring with laughter. Of course, I have coupon codes to discount the price even more than the sale price.

Slingshot Flying Christmas Monkey
Price: $7.99
Sale: $3.99
Enter this code for $2.00 off: christmasmonkey
*this is not the code the website gives you under the price
$1.99 you will have endless laughter for the holidays! What more could you ask for?

If a Christmas Monkey doesn't do it for ya, then you can choose from the other animals they have. Here are the codes for $2.00 off for monkey's friends.
*Note that you can only use the one of the codes per order to receive a flying animal for $1.99. Still, the sale price of $3.99 isn't bad if you want to add others to your order.

Slingshot Flying Chicken With Scream Sound
Enter this code for $2.00 off: flychicky

Slingshot flying Cow
Enter this code for $2.00 off: moomoo

Slingshot Flying Frog With Croak Sound
Enter this code for $2.00 off: flyfrog

Slingshot Flying Pigs
Enter this code for $2.00 off: flypigs

Slingshot Screaming Monkey - Not the Christmas Monkey
Enter this code for $2.00 off: handmonkey

Again, the codes I have listed are not the codes listed on HandheldItems' pages.
All codes expire 12/30/07
Website shows that the animals are 100% lead free -- thank goodness!
Remember to remove the white tag to enable animal screams/noises.

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