Friday, November 16, 2007

just another fabulous friday

WoooHooo its FRIDAY! Time for a peek into Amazon's amazing Friday deals . . . (because I don't have anything better to do at midnight.)

I'm almost positive that if you could read your dog's mind you would learn that he/she feels left out during the holidays. How sad! Let's remedy this by putting one of these on all the dogs in our lives. K? . . . and feel good about saving 50% while doing it.

Every November I look for Christmas dinnerware. I've always wanted 'special' Christmas dishes only to be used from the Friday after Thanksgiving until New Years Eve....yeah, I've never found the set that I'm in love with. Still looking. I'm stubborn that way. Its been 11 years. Very stubborn. Until then, I want to post this set in case anyone else would like to start the Christmas dish dining tradition. You'll take 73% off if you buy today....$89.99 reduced from $322.00. If anyone finds an adorable reindeer set (like the one at Pottery Barn) that is dishwasher/microwave safe, email me.

Want to know what starts my day off right? Well, if you're not interested then just skip the next paragraph....its when I hear my baby girl 'talking' to her mobile in the morning. She just goes on and on. If only she knew how entertaining she was. If you'd like to be entertained like this then get this mobile (not the one I have, mine is boring compared to this one) while its 44% off! Oh and I guess you'd need a baby to go along with the mobile, too. Can't help you there.

Hey, they forgot to put the diamonds all the way around the circle on this necklace, but that's OK because they dropped the price 79% from $500 to $103.95! It really is quite lovely and I don't know any gal who wouldn't like one dressing up her neckline. ;-)

Don't forget, the 99 cent gift wrapping at Amazon ends soon!

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