Friday, November 30, 2007

this is the part of the show with the AMAZON deals!

It's AMAZON FRIDAY! WooooHoooooo! I'm just going to dive in since the clock just struck midnight! Jump in and take advantage of the Friday sales before it's too late (aka Saturday)...

OK, I love shoes. Not as much as 'real' shoe lovers, but a girl can never have too many. Now, lets talk about the men in your life. They should have nice shoes as well. This pairis a MUST have in my book for men's shoes. What a great deal @ 68% off! He paid full price when he got them. (I know...gasp!) My hubby has a pair and I just love love love it when he wears them. They are his 'sexy' shoes. ;-) hehehe

This one is for Myra who left a comment yesterday. She has a few cats! Great price (43% off) on the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats. I had posted the FURminator for dogs yesterday...its about time cats got a break, too!

A while back, I mentioned my dire need for new sheets. I just may pick these up. Gotta love 81% off!! I've always wanted to sleep Oprah style (because you know she has extremely high thread count sheets) at night. I think 1000 thread count is pretty fabulous. I LOVE sateen, too! Sheets can be difficult to purchase online if you haven't seen them in person, but the reviews are pretty favorable...its also part of the 4 for 3 deal!

My dad is famous for finding little gadgets that you may not think you'd want, but once you have them you realize how cool they really are. This is one of them. Well, its not the exact one he gave us, but MUCH cooler and hey, its 60% off!

Now this is an amazing deal on a Cuisinart Cookware Set. Again with the 81% off deals! If you can get past the fact that its red (sorry if I've offended any red color lovers) you'll save TONS on fabulous cookware! If you don't need this, think of any couples getting married with red decor listed on their registries! You'll look like you spent a ton! ;-) Throw thisin along with thisand you'll just be all Martha Stewart all over the place!

If red wasn't doing it for you in that last deal then you are in luck with this one... not 81% off, but 77% off isn't too shabby!

OK, now I can go to bed! Ni Ni! :-)

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