Wednesday, December 5, 2007

everyone loves seeing their name on things!

Isn't this true? I know I love to see my name on things! Try having a baby ... you'll find yourself printing, embroidering, engraving his/her name all over the place. There is no doubt that my daughter will learn her name quickly because its plastered all over her room! I love it!

An easy way to give personalized gifts is by shopping at one of my favorite online stores,! I LOVE this place! They process their orders fast, too! Turnaround is 1-2 days! I was amazed by how fast my order was shipped! You can find the cutest things! Oh and it never hurts that they have some deals going on!!

Find the discount that works best for you:
15% off personalized gifts - Enter coupon code PM3201 at checkout
$5 off personalized gifts with $15 purchase - Enter PM6680 at checkout.
$10 off personalized gifts with $50 purchase - Enter PM5514 at checkout
$15 off personalized gifts with $75 purchase - Enter PM9837 at checkout
$20 off personalized gifts with $125 purchase - Enter PM2088 at checkout
Free shipping on personalized gifts - Enter PM5551 at checkout on orders of $50 or more

Here are a few of my personal picks for the season. Click on the thumbnail.

You can check out the plethora of gifts by clicking here:
Personalized Gifts for Life's Celebrations from


Anonymous said...

I want that personalized mug for MYSELF! So cute! - Julie

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I know, huh?!? I thought the same about lots of other things on this site, but I held back and just bought gifts for others...but I'll be back after the new year! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh this site is SO much fun! I just ordered so much from there! I got the doormat that you posted, too! That is just precious!