Friday, December 7, 2007

is it friday already? time for the friday amazon deals!

I can't believe Friday snuck up on me this quickly! My husband reminded me that Christmas is only 18 DAYS away! Seriously, this year has just flown by!! Well, I'll post some of the many many Amazon Friday Saledeals before they fly by, too! You have to act on them fast before the prices go up! ....and here we go...

I don't know about you, but when Heelyscame out and kids were zippin' around on them, it freaked me out! I was thinking they were George Jetson or something...just glidding around everywhere! You'll save $20.00 when you spend $80.00 or more on women's, men's or kids' shoes offered by at Amazon.

My hubby wants one of theseto tackle big paint jobs. Its on sale for 60% off! Since we're getting ready to build a house, maybe I should forward him this deal.

Well, isn't this clever? The SnuggleSafe Heatpadwill be able to keep your little love muffin (your pet, not your spouse) nice and warm during the chilly season! It will keep more pennies in your pocket since its 55% off! Also, the FURminatoris back and is 46% off ... so keep your pet warm and nice and groomed! ;)

If you have someone on your list like me who hates vacuuming, then you cannot go wrong with a iRobot 4110 Roomba Floor-Vacuuming Robot.It will save your back and your time, oh and your money ... save $110 and get free shipping! Ahhh somebody, er something else doing the vacuuming for me...puts a smile on my face. :-)

Pyrexalways makes a fabulous gift and the gift to you is 75% off! Pay $9.99 for a $39.99 set! FABULOUS!

Anyone who loves to go camping will totally appreciate this! I absolutely LOVE all of George Foreman's grills and apparently, the reviews show that many others do also! 54% off AND free shipping is enough to rave about, too!

One of these days, I'm going to get a new set of cookware. Since I still have a few gifts to get this year, I won't focus on my needs ... but if this is on your list for yourself or someone else then take advantage of $335.01 OFF on this highly reviewed cookware set!!Wow!

I know I posted about a great hostess gift a few days ago, well snatch up this Mikasaprettiness for $7.99 and the hostess with the mostess will thank you (and so will your pocketbook!)

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Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about the Heelys when they came out. I vowed to never buy them because I really think shoes should be walked in, not glided in, but now my son is begging for a pair! I think I'll break down and buy him some for Christmas! haha -Claire