Wednesday, December 12, 2007

pop quiz ... do you know what an Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner is?

Until just now, I never heard of an Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner. Since its the Deal of the Day on Amazon, I thought I'd check it out ... because anything marked down $205 is worth checking out. ;-) Here is what Amazon says, "Product Description: Is your car's check engine light on? If it is, your car is trying to tell you something and the Actron CP9145 Super AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner speaks its language. Use this scanner to unlock the information stored in your car's computer. Whenever your check engine light is on, the device can pinpoint the problem so you can fix it fast and be on your way." If you read more of the product description on the link I've posted, you'll read about which cars this will work on and a plethora of info.

I can see guys going ga-ga over something like this ... hmmmm I better not let my husband see this one. ;-) Just a thought, but this would be a great gift for a single mom ... and even better, set it up for her!

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