Friday, December 7, 2007

poppity pop pop pop

I found some yummy popcorn to go with the Old-Fashioned Hardwood Popcorn Bowl Set I posted on Wednesday. I seriously could eat an entire tin full of this stuff! The Chocolate Lover's & Hall of Fame Kettle Corn is enough to keep me fed until New Year's...its better than all the food groups put together! ;-) You can take advantage of the free shipping on 2 or more items until 12/10! Take care of 2 people on your list and they will be thanking you with a mouthful of popcorn goodness! Limited time offer - free shipping on 2 or more items! Save 7.95 S&H per item!


Learn English at EPCC said...

Walgreen's has the kettlecorn on sale, and the ad says that there's a $20 online gift card in th epack, so that would make this a very sweet deal! Is it good popcorn?

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oooo that sounds like a fantastic deal! I'll have to remember to 'pop' (I'm so cheesy, I know) on in to the Walgreens near our house to check it out. Yes, that would make it a very very sweet deal!!

Thanks for the heads up on that! And yes, it is REALLY good popcorn! We either give it or get it for Christmas every year. :)