Monday, December 10, 2007

random things on sale because i'm random like that ...

Well, the Deal of the Day, Band of Brothers, is sold out at the price of $25! I know, sad sad sad. To those of you who got it -- yaaaay! To those who didn't, I'll be looking for it again in case it drops. Its around $38 now which is still a great price, but just not as fabulous as $25.

I'm feeling a little random, so I'm going to find some random deals ...

For the 80s Rubik's Cube junkie ... tell them its time to step in to the new millennium with the new Techno Source Rubik's Revolution.Its not the old-school Rubik's cube rather a spin on the old version. Take 25% off the list price, too! :) Yaaay!

I guess Ernie was feeling jealous of Elmo because he's got his own Tickle Me doll now! I'm just totally living under a rock and didn't know that there were more Tickle Me dolls. I bet I'll learn more about all this stuff as our baby girl gets older, huh? Although, I'm going to be the mom who refuses to give in to the 'have to have' toy craze. Fisher-Price T.M.X. Tickle Me Ernie 62% off @ $12.99.

Not on sale, but I think its TOTALLY adorable and I'm a huge fan of anything Veggie Tales!
Veggie Tales Nativity Set

I haven't seen High School Musical and don't really know about the hoopla, but my friend's kids are all over it like white on rice. The extended edition of High School Musical 2 is 47% off @ $15.99.

Oh and I just love this one ... 43% off at $16.99! The Jungle Book - 40th Anniversary Platinum Edition

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