Thursday, December 27, 2007

~*~WINNER~*~ National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation DVD

Merry after Christmas, everyone!!! I'm hoping you all had a fantastic Christmas like we did! I've been told that Christmas is so much more fun when you have kiddos, but this was unbelievable! We had a blast and are still trying to recover from being buried under mountains of wrapping paper and from the sugar high caused by over doses of sweets.

I've recovered enough to post the winner of the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation DVD! I'll be back soon to post more fabulous deals I'm rounding up ... they are running a muck out there!!

Doreen who wrote:
"I am FAR from being the kooky person! haha It's my relatives! :) Love this movie!! I've been saying Mele Kalikimaka all day! LOL"

kdsmom who wrote:
"Oh My, My dh loooooves this movie, he is always watching it, whenever its on t.v that is. He likes to compare chevy to my mom- who is definatly the kooky one around my house. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.~Mandi~"

Anonymous who wrote:
"The behavior in the movie isn't normal???? HAHAHA Count me in and I'll check back with you (as if I didn't already check in every day!)--Wen"

Krista who wrote:
"I see Britt has left a comment, she is kooky, haha!No I have to say my dh's family is crazy for this movie! We love anything National lampoons with Chevy. Our most recent movie quote has been the national lampoons vacation where they go to wally world. I love when they are driving through the bad part of town and then they hear gun shots and he says "roll 'em up!!" oh so funny. You all are probably thinking, thats not funny, I know its just one of those things that makes you laugh. OH I hope I win *crossing fingers* Thanks Melody for all the giveaways great idea and fun too! Krista"

The winner will have until Friday, Dec 28, 2007 11:59pm PST to claim the prize by emailing his/her full name and mailing address. If the winner does not respond by the given date, the first alternate to email his/her info will receive the prize. Click on the 'GIVEAWAYS' link on the left hand sidebar (top left) to view the winner after the contest deadline or come back to this post.

Only addresses within the U.S. are eligible for this giveaway. As always, your information will never be used for anything other than to contact you if you are the winner. :-)

UPDATE: The winner never claimed the prize. Anonymous poster "Wen" was the first alternate to email me. Congrats, Wen!

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