Wednesday, January 9, 2008

20% off Best Sellers of 2007

A little fact that my friends wouldn't know about me is that I love Masterpiece Theatre. I recently enjoyed Jane Eyre on PBS, but was unable to see the conclusion this past, I bought the DVD 2 pack. ;-) Right now you can grab it and all the other Best Sellers of 2007 for 20% off at until 2/4/08.

Description of Jane Eyre from
The dark romantic mystery of Jane Eyre returns to the screen in this lavish new version for Masterpiece Theatre. A lonely young governess falls in love with the handsome, brooding father of her new student at Thornfield Hall, but neither Jane nor Mr. Rochester can escape the mysteries of their past lives. Toby Stephens, Ruth Wilson, and Francesca Annis bring Charlotte Brontë's timeless classic to vigorous new life.


Anonymous said...

I saw Jane Eyre, too! Masterpiece Theatre really is a fantastic version of it. You're going to love the 2nd part!

Liz said...

Hi...don't know you, but Shontell is a good friend of mine! I am a total Masterpiece Theatre nut too...Jane Eyre was awesome this past Sunday...I had to Tivo it so I could watch it several times!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Fran - thanks for not spoiling the ending for me! ;)

Liz - Tivo ... that's something I really should get ... would be cheaper than buying the DVDs! LOL

Glad to know I'm not the only Masterpiece Theatre fan! :D


Ashley said...

cool! Thanks!

Praise and Coffee said...

You've won at my blog, come see me!

jennwa said...