Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Goodies ...

Hahahahhahaahaha .... this is me still laughing from all the hilarious comments you all left on yesterday's "Works for Me Wednesday" post. Thank you for keeping me from having to do my ab work out. Yeah, as IF I really do an ab work out. It just sounded like a good thing to say. ;-)

Busy day today, so I'm not sure how many posts I'll get done. If I don't have that many just pretend I have a sale on 85% off Coach handbags or something. I want to leave a good impression, you know.

Before I forget....remember that today (by 11:59pm PST) is the last day to enter my contest for a Custom Blog Design by RS Designs. There are two other fabulous giveaways going on as well. Check them out by clicking on the 'Giveaways' link on the top toolbar.

Time to post some random deals before I leave for the baby gym. My hubby is coming to the gym on his lunch break .... should be cute! I hope I remember the camera. There's just something about watching a Dad play Ring Around the Rosie with an 8 month old. hehehehe

It's not 85% off Coach bags, but hey it's a handbag sale, so I'll take it!
Extra 20% off Handbags at - Ends 2/3/08
Get Free Shipping On Designer Handbags over $35 for Valentines Day at!

$20 Off When You Spend Over $100 at

I'll take Diamonds, too, please. :) Extra 20% off Diamonds at - Ends 2/3/08

You know I had to go to Amazon ... get FREE shipping on orders of $25 or more and $10 off orders of $100 or more from at Amazon!

WOW - Lillian Vernon is preparing for Easter already! It will be Christmas before we know it! Our new Easter arrivals are cuter than a newborn chick! Save $10 on your $75 order using code 788830100 thru February 29.
More from Lillian Vernon Easter goodies - Give your home new life this Easter with spring-inspired decor and more up to 20% off with code 678830100 thru February 29.

I like anything with the words "Big Sale" in it ... Save big on home decor, accessories, kitchenware, toys for kids and so much more at the Big Sale at Lillian Vernon!

They are telling us to hurry, so I guess we should...15% off new spring arrivals at dELiA*s! Use code DAFF15. Hurry, offer ends 2/4/08.

Baby Deals:
BabyUniverse: FREE Standard Shipping on HALO SleepSacks (ends 2.4)
BabyUniverse: FREE Standard Shipping Orbit Infant System (ends 2.4)
BabyUniverse: FREE Standard Shipping on Glenna Jean Bedding (ends 2.4)
BabyUniverse: FREE Standard Shipping on Britax (ends 2.4)
BabyUniverse: FREE Standard Shipping on Skip Hop Diaper Bags (ends 2.4)
BabyUniverse: Clearance Sale on Select Baby Gear (ends 2.4)
BabyUniverse: FREE Standard Shipping on Hundreds of Select Baby Items (ends 2.4)

Mmmmm pretty flowers. Just FYI I love anything pink! ;-) Valentine's Special! Get 10% off with code 3A1 at Offer expires 2.29.08.
More flowers - Buy 1 dozen Red Roses, get 1 dozen FREE! plus FREE Vase! exp. 2.3.08
Save $10 on Valentine's Day items at! code BST2, exp. 2.4.08



Be sure to post pics from the baby gym. I love that age. Mine are far beyond it, so I find myself watching old videos. Thanks, once again, for the sales!

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Unknown said...

I don't know if these have been posted before(as I haven't been reading long), but I have a few favorite sales! has a ton of seriously cute and uniqueish baby and toddler(and a few adult) tees/dresses/hoodies/etc, and a lot of them are only $5-10. I picked up a TON of stuff for spring for the kids!

also, this one outfit is on sale, and my husband would kill me if I bought it because it's still $68, but it's half off and not a bad deal for what you get!
Anyway, I've been drooling over it for a while now, and I hope someone else can buy it and enjoy it, because I can't. lol

I know, not that practical, but I have to admit that I just got get giddy over diaper sales like I do over clothes!

Unknown said...

ok, so my link didn't work..but it's the "Rosario Velvet Jacket & Skirt Set"...

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog and all the deals you post about! This is great.

Kellan said...

More great links - thanks. Hope Daddy had fun at the gym - how cute. See you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

My word, now that's a lot of deals. I'll take one of each thankyouverymuch!

Wendi said...

I tried to leave a comment on the post about the RS design giveaway, but no comment button...must be full(with 73 comments)
I just started my blog this month, so I need all the help I can get. I love all the RS designs, but the ones I liked best were sold. :( I guess I would be happy with anything that was not as complex as setting up my blog for the first time...yikes!
Thanks for a great blog! ~Wendi

my email address is:
or you can find me at my blog,
" Because I Said So..." at
Thanks again!!!