Wednesday, February 6, 2008

$100 off Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Don't know how long Amazon's Deal of the Day will last before it sells out. If you've got an Xbox game console and you're wanting an HD DVD player then you'll love this. Personally, I'm trying to fend off my husband who keeps begging for HD everything. Seriously, is life really THAT much better with a TV that is so clear that you can see every zit on the news reporter's face? OK, that was gross, but seriously.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player
Today Only - 56% off
List Price - $179.99
Price - $79.99
FREE Super Saver Shipping

Check out the Product Description for more details.


jennwa said...

Great deal.

Anonymous said...

Already sold out!

Anonymous said...

The price will probably begin to steadily decline. It looks as though HD Players will eventually be phased out and BluRay will win the battle. The console itself is cool, but I wouldn't invest too much money buying HD DVDs...

In regards to movie players, Playstation 3 is probably the better buy these days.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Very great deal!