Monday, March 3, 2008

4-for-3 Deals and other goodies ...

OK, time to start the week off window shopping. haha I know, cheap thrills, eh? Well, here's a little of what I found. I'll keep posting until the baby wakes up from her morning nap. Good thing I type fast...her naps are getting shorter and shorter.

Amazon's Deal of the Day is a Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigation System list price is $699.99, Yesterday's Price was $369.99, Today's Gold Box Price is $329.99 which is 53% off.

I love browsing the 4-for-3 isle. As always, you can combine any 4 items that participate in this deal:
Kitchen & Dining
Pet Supplies
Patio, Lawn & Garden
Home Appliances
Sewing, Craft & Hobby

For the Soccer Moms ... 50% off or more on Soccer items. And something for the Baseball Moms!

Ahhh, she's awake...that didn't last long. Be back later! :-)


Mary512 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland

Janice {Run Far} said...

Hey just wanted to let you know about an icredible deal. My sister just called me and told me the at ALbertson dot com you can get a box of 120 Huggie diapers for like $3.50 or something crazy like that. She got 15 boxes for about $75. Thought since you have a lot of mommy readers you might be interested in checking it out.

Baldwincrew-blog said...

Hi this is Janice's sister who bought the Huggies diapers at you register to be a shopper and then go to the tab that says shop A to Z and click on D and then Diapers go to the second page and then it starts with huggies size # 3 to 6 and it's the mega packs. size 3 is a pack of 60 diapers for $3.74. You can also buy as many as you would like. I bought 20 packs which is 1200 diapers for $75.00 Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks Frances