Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Deals and Finds

So, I'm bored and window shopping. That can be dangerous some times. Well, I'm restraining myself from any impulse buys considering we just put in a fence around the pool for the baby (that was $1965) and now we need a new pool filter which is going to run us $925. Uggghhhh So, window shopping it is. Won't you join me? haha

This purse is just too cute. I love it in orange. Being that it's 65% off makes it more cute!

I love me some tamales and I need a good sized steamer to heat them up. I've been using a small one and having to warm them in shifts. This Tamale & Seafood Steamer 20 Quart would make me a happy camper since it's 37% off for only $18.99 with FREE Super Saver Shipping.

One thing I'm looking forward to when our toddler gets a little older .... games! Haven't played this game since I was little! On sale for $6.79 and FREE Super Saver Shipping, too!

My little one has this Busy Ball Popper and LOVESSSSSSSS it! We got it from a friend when she was just a tiny baby and couldn't really play with it, but the balls that came with it were one of her favorite toys! It's on sale and available for FREE Super Saver Shipping.

OK, THIS makes me want to be a kid again!! I am just laughing at the photo ... how fun is it? I love that you can save $200 on it right now, too. Oh and then there's FREE Super Saver Shipping. The name alone is fun ... Banzai Sidewinder Blast Bundle (Sidewinder Falls Slide with Bonus Fun Pack)

Alright, enough 'shopping' for me. Be back tomorrow!


Are You Serious! said...

♥ I bought a new purse and wasn't completely happy with it and now I'm ready for a new one. i knew I should have waited although you can never have TOO many purses! :)

Anonymous said...

We eat tamales a lot here (we're in South Texas) and that type of steamer is the way to go!