Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reader Tips - Crazy 8 & Payless Deals

I just love all the emails I get from readers! So much fun! Here's one from an old (not really old, but you know what I mean) high school chum. She's one of the gals that would watch 90210 with me. lol

Hi there... I thought I'd pass this one on to you for your blog if you want it. Crazy 8 is made by Gymboree.... kind of like Old Navy is a Gap company. I just rec'd my first order from them... I order some jeans, a zip-up hoodie and a shirt for Emily for fall... very, very cute!! Good quality too. Not that I'd expect less from Gymboree. I also got a BOGO e-mail from Payless shoes on their "flats" style shoes...

If I see any other good deals I'll pass them on.


Why thank you, oh-so-lovely Tif! There are some great baby deals going on at Crazy 8 ... adorable things starting from $4.99!! Wooohooo! They have some cute stuff. I've never purchased from there, but their $5 shipping has me tempted.

I'll be back on Friday to post the Friday Sale. Give me some time. I usually have to wait until the baby takes her nap. :-)

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Kim's Treasures said...

Gotta love Payless! Cute shoes!

Hope you have a great day!