Friday, September 26, 2008

Tag, I'm it! Oh and Gucci is in the FRIDAY SALE!

So, I got tagged by one of my lovely blog-friend-reader-of-my-blog-I-read-her-blog-too people. lol Eudae-Mamia from Life, Liberty and the Pursuit called 'Red Rover Red Rover, let Melody come over' with this hilarious "Tag."

The challenge is to identify 6 (yes *only* 6) quirks about myself. Those of you who know me well know that I could go on and on. I have an annoying tendency to rag on myself. Without going into grave detail, these are the top 6 that first came to mind..

#1 - I have hand towel 'issues' - I fold the hand towel with the tag on the inside then hang it up so that the part with the tag is at the back. I only use the front fold for my hands and then the back inside fold for my face. WEIRD, I know. My hubby knows that I must have my own hand towel and he has respected that all 12 1/2 years of our wonderful marriage. :)

#2 - I can't stand it when the dishwasher is loaded wrong. Because, you know, I am the only one who can do it right and there IS a right and wrong way to load it. You know you agree, admit it.

#3 - I usually slam the toilet lid shut before flushing. Why? Because I can't stand to touch it. LOL My hubby gets all flustered every time he hears it loudly clap shut. I bought one of those 'self closing' toilet seats that you barely nudge and then it shuts automatically, but the seat itself was angled in so you felt like you were going to touch water any second. Can't have that.

#4 - I dig and dig and dig for perishable items in the grocery store that have the latest expiration date. I can feel the glaring eyes of the Produce Manager as I reach in deep for the bag of salad with the freshest date. I'm on to them, I know they put the junky stuff in the front. Glare all you want, Mr. Produce Man and all your subordinates. I'm onto you. ;-)

#5 - Cannot should be against the law...when you let someone in your lane and they don't give you the little 'Thank You' wave. I always give the little peaceful wave when someone lets me in. I'm such a nice gal.

#6 - I have no self control when it comes to dark chocolate and things like candy corn. I know to pace myself. I tell myself, 'Self, just have a litttttle or else you're going to get a headache and a tummy ache.' ...but that doesn't work. I'm typing this while eating pieces of the dark chocolate brick my hubby brought's 8:45am. Sad.

OK, now it's my turn to tag some of you...but I'm giving you the choice. I want to tag ALL of you! Let me know if you do this by leaving a comment or droppin' me an email. I wanna see that I'm not the only quirky one. I feel so exposed. ;-)


Now that I have that taken care of...let's get to the Amazon Friday Sale! (Insert WOOT WOOT here ____ ) There are several items in today's sale that are a part of the 4 for 3 promotion. See link for details.

You know I love this one...Mama loves some soft sheets!
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Scratch away, Kitty, scratch until your little heart's content...
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Part of the 4 for 3 promotion.

They're back again ... begging to have a home. I kind of feel sorry for them.
Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless-Steel 14 Piece Cookware Set
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Where I live the weather is as boring as an election campaign commercial, so I don't really need this, but I know several of you out there may...(good gift for your Christmas list, too.)
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Make killing bugs a sport! lol
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You never know when this kitchen beauty will show up on the Friday Sale. A little early Christmas shoppin' for yourself. ;-) Email this to the hubby.
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As if waking up in the morning isn't bad enough, now you can have your fat analyzed...that ought to wake you right up, eh? I have one similar to it. For some reason, every morning I'm curious to see if the fat fairy came and took some of my body fat away the evening before. Oh and side note to the hubby in case you sent him the link to this post for the KitchenAid Mixer or the pots and pans...this is NOT a good Christmas gift. OK, glad I cleared that up.
Microlife WS100 Digital Body Fat Analyzer Weight Scale
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I don't know about your produce, but mine could use a little savin'...
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Care for a little DVD burnin'?
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OK, I nearly just blacked out with excitement...I saw "GUCCI" and immediately thought 'fabulously fabulous handbag'!!! It's a watch though...and not a very cute one, but I HAVE to list it because I can't believe there is a Gucci anything in the Amazon Friday Sale...
Gucci Women's 6800 Collection Tan Bamboo Watch
List Price: $795.00
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OK fine friends, that's all I have time for. You can cruise the Amazon Friday Sale more if you'd like....find somethin' good! :-) Find me a Gucci purse for 80% off or something, K?

Question of the Day
What's your guilty shopping pleasure?


A Fuller Day said...

"Amen!" to #2, 4, 5. Can I get a witness? :-)

Ash said...

I knew I would love your 6 quirks - I could've had some of them on my list as well! I LOVE the idea of knowing which is the front vs. back of the hand towel. So smart.

And if I don't get the "wave," I've been known to track the ingrates down and cut 'em off - usally only when I am PMSing and with no kids in the car, though.

Great job!


P.S. Another Spring 1996 wedding! Us too, April 27.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I love your 6 quirks about you! I share 1 and 2 with you for sure. It drives me BANANAS when the tag is showing on wash cloths and I won't even let my husband do the dishes b/c I'm the only one that can fit the proper amount of dishes in there! Great sales today! And I think all of my shopping is a guilty pleasure. Mainly holiday decor!

~Trish~ said...

LOL Love it :) My guilty pleasure is fountain drinks, I hate cans of pop if I have the choice of a fountain drink! LOL I'm so lame!

Jess said...

lol your quirks are so cute!

Q of the Day:
Fiji Water. I know its dumb, but I'm obsesssssed.

Heather said...

Oh, I love this one! We are totally sisters on numbers 1, #2, #4 and #5.

There are so many quirky things about me, I'll have to sit down and decide which ones aren't too freaky to post. Don't wanna scare off my readers!

Heather said...

Sorry, didn't answer your question of the day. My guilty shopping pleasure is Archivers and Hobby Lobby. Buying scrapbook papers, stamps, punches, stickers, metal just makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on all six...great idea with the hand towel, I'm going to try this!

What a nice hubby...bringing chocolate home. :)

My guilty shopping pleasure would have to be curtains and rugs...
I know weird...always changing them out in my house. Makes me happy though.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Holly said...

Oh, I am right with you on #2! I figure I rearrange the dishwasher, and my husband repacks his trucks when we take driving trips.

tiarastantrums said...

okay that was super funny - I so do look for the best date on all veggies and I don't care if I mess up these shelves- it's their job right? I hang my towels the same way - totally - But I don't share a towel with hands and face - two different towels - dishwasher - so with you on that on e- why does my hubbie still put the knives in upside down??? I slam the lib to let hubbie and son know they have left it up!

guilty shopping pleasure - ummm - I don't think I have one anymore with 3 kids and loads of groceries to buy all the time. I guess it would be my PB cups that i don't buy too often - they are at Trader Joe's which is totally out of my way and I eat those damn things in like a day!

Anonymous said...

Your quirks are so funny and I could sign myself up for all siz of them, too. I have a huge towel issue. I don't share hand/face towels ever.

I wish I could find Gucci for 80% off, too. If I find that I'll definitely let you know. I am amazed that Amazon has anything Gucci. Props for them.

So funny about the body fat analyzer scale. You are a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot the Q of the D again...
I'd have to say purses, shoes, perfume and jewelry. Oh and I love Gucci handbags, too!

Meaghan said...

Wow awesome blog! I will totally be following you! I am always bragging to everyone on deals I get.

Thanks for sharing the info.


Are You Serious! said...

♥ You crack me up!!! I love your list! :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ditto to #'s 2,4,&5!!
My guilty shopping pleasure is yarn and material and stickers for my scrapbooks and cards.

Anonymous said...

oh my bejeezus I totally agree with you about the dishwasher thing! it drives me crazy when I have all the plates and cups organized and then husband comes along and puts a random cup or plate in the wrong direction!

My guilty pleasure is everything on sale. I HAVE to look at every little sale item just in case I need it.

Huse Yo Mama said...

I think it's quite possible we were separated at got all the pretty genes, by the way. Five of those six quirks, you were writing about me. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the way I fold and use the hand towel, but maybe there is?

As for a guilty shopping pleasure....I'm not sure if I have one. No, no, no....wait a minute. It's my hobby-o-the-moment. Sewing. I MUST have all the fabric I can get my hands on. What is that? I'm such a nerd.

Kacey said...

Your 6 quirks are super funny and remind me of someone...hmmmmm. So, from one candy corn chocolate eating, produce digging, gal to another - you SO have to start giving the 'courtesy C' to goobers who don't give the thank you wave! My friend taught it to me and it is super silly and helps you get over the frustration - plus, you're not throwing out a finger that can be appealing when you're mad - you're making a "C" with your hand and yelling "Courtesy C!" It's really funny....maybe that is one of my quirks. Oh well!

Mari said...

What fun I had reading about you! I found out we share many quirks - like #1, #4, #5 and #6!

tommie said...

Up until number 6, I could have written that list! LOL

Oh, how I wish you lived closer. happy weekend!

Elisabeth said...

Going to go over to my blog, and list 6 quirks now! Check 'em out later!! And, um your #6? I heart dark chocolate mucho!! Have NO self control!

Jaime said...

I totally agree with the dishwasher thing, in fact just last night I rearranged it after my husband had loaded it. Tisk tisk tisk... And I too give the "thank you" wave and I hate it when others don't give that same courtesy.

Kristin said...

The dishwasher thing is sp funny. OK my shopping pleasure is good makeup. I won't budge on thsi one. Nothing goes on my face but Clinique.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I got tagged too and it will be up on the 3rd of October. I was reading yours and agreeing right along with you. Does that make me even more quirky? I hope so!!!!

Kristen said...

Don't worry, I definitely share #4. Especially with the milk--although my husband finishes a gallon in four or so days so I don't know why I bother.

BITR Country Girl said...

Well according to Jeff Foxworthy, if the "thank you" wave does not accure it's perfectly OK to "get up in 'em get 'em loose and put 'em in the wall." But really I hate that too!

Anonymous said...

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