Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slow Cooking Thursday and My Wish List

So, I've totally been slacking on my bloggy duties this week. I do apologize. Its just been one of those weeks! I thought I would post a few of the things on my wish list. It's fun going window shopping online. Less gas, too. ;-)

Oh but first, here's the food and a few free printables...
Coloring Pages & Puzzles
Play & Learn Activities

Aloha Chicken

I found this recipe over HERE.

4 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
20 ounces pineapple chunks
11 ounces mandarin oranges, drained
1 green or red pepper, chopped
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, peeled and grated

1. Arrange chicken in slow cooker; set aside.
2. Combine remaining ingredients; pour over chicken.
3. Cover and cook on low setting for 8 to 10 hours

Head over to Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for more Slow Cooking recipes and to participate in Slow Cooking Thursday!


And now for my Wish List. This is fun...

Tea Kettle
I still haven't purchased one even though I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to get one...
Old Dutch 3 Quart Stainless Steel Windsor Whistling Teakettle 36% off right now and boy is it PRETTY!
Chantal Brushed Stainless 1-1/3-Quart Tea Ball This one is cute and 29% off.
Copco Cambridge Stainless-Steel Teakettle Can't beat the price on this one. It's 57% off and looks like it would do the job.

Patio Set
I'd love to lounge around in this luxurious patio sofa set. Cushions and drink with umbrella in it sold separately.

New Flatware
I really LOVE this set, but it feels strange ordering flatware online without seeing it or feeling the weight. I may take my chance and return it if it doesn't meet my expectation. Its on sale again and this time for 60% off...Zwilling JA Henckels Vintage 1876 23 Piece Set

Canisters for the Kitchen
I've been in love with a certain canister set that is ridiculously expensive, but you can see why I love them so ... Ceramic Large Canister Set by Drake Designs. I want the cream set. Love it. I found a local store that has them cheaper and I'm sure I could bargain with her if I buy more of the pieces (serving platters, salt/pepper shaker, etc.) One day. :)

Hall Bench
I've been trying forever to find a bench for my entryway/hall. Really, forever. I've spent hours going through over 1300 pages of benches trying to find the perfect one for less than $200. This one (Ballard Designs - Zoe Storage Bench - Old World Brown) is the only one I really love, but I hate the price. Also, I would have to paint it because I want a cream color. I'm still drooling over it.

Closet Organizers
We put something like THIS in our closet in our last house. Boy do I miss it. Can't wait to put this in my new closet, but this time I'll take it in white. :)

They're so cute. I recently found a set that were much bigger than these and could picture them in my house during Christmas...
One looked like this, and another like this and yet another that looked like this. Those aren't on sale, but they do have free shipping. So cute!

I'm a bit of a foo-foo girl. I love chandeliers, fancy area rugs, parsons chairs and stuff like that. I think this chandelier would go perfectly in my office. I know some of you will think I'm nuts! haha

French Doors for my Office
I have double doors on my office. They are pretty, but a pain. They kill valuable wall and floor space when they are open. I've been thinking about putting French Doors up just so I can keep one door shut and still be able to see through in order to 'look' more open. I found these Traditional Divided Glass Bifold French Doors that would work perfectly! No wall or floor space killed!

Speaking of French Doors
We need a new fridge and I'd love this french door one for my kitchen.

OK, enough wishing. I have laundry and dishes to do. I couldn't find 'maid' or 'butler' on Amazon, much less on sale. ;-)

Not sure if I'll be able to post the FRIDAY SALE tomorrow. We have more family coming in town....some from the hubby's side and some from mine. If not, just click HERE on Friday and let me know what you find. ;-)

Question of the Day
What's on your Wish List?


Brooke said...

First, I LOVE the Chandelier!! My wish list is:

The Memory Mixers 2 Digital Scrapbooking software

Stainless Steel, Oven Safe cookware

Lots more Christmas Decor

Lots more Winter clothes.....

Mainly the first 2 items. OH I would be one happy girl if I got those 2 things. Come on Santa!

Jen said...

that looks like a really good recipe.

angie said...

One of these days I want a girly girl bedroom for myself. That chandelier would looks perfect in it!

My wishlist - a black tote, I'm looking at Coach. It would probably use up all my Christmas money though.

Shell in your Pocket said...

My wish list...a new camera...a really good one...but a piece of jewerly never hurts :)!
-sandy toes

Heather said...

Canon Rebel camera. Adobe Photoshop. Printer with photo paper. You know, inexpensive stuff :)

Aleta said...

DO get French Doors! I have them in my office area and it's Great! Let's in plenty of light, it's elegant and airy.

Jess said...

yum yum yum. That sounds delicious.

Art, pictures, etc for my walls! They are so bare!

Good to see you back, come see meeeeeeeeeee.

Mari said...

Ooh - that's a good looking recipe and a good list too! I've requested some new dishes. I found a nice set at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love those french doors too and the hall bench is great! Fun stuff. Wish list would be a new car that actually fits us all comfortably! :)

Melodie said...

Love the chandelier and the french doors!

The only thing on my wish list this year is the ability to provide a decent Christmas for my children.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bench!! It is sooo nice!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I wish for too many things so I am gonna wish that we all get what we want this year, not just slippers.

Tara Bennett said...

I can't wait to try this recipe!

My wishlist consists of happiness and good health for my family - oh, and a wii - don't forget the wii!!! =)

feather k said...

I do have a rather lengthy wish I can sum part of it up with a kitchen remodel...all updated :)...Have a great weekend!

silverdot said...

that recipe looks great. my wishlist is simple - i just want everyone to be healthy and happy.

Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds great! (or would it be looks great?) My wish list isn't too long this year. Nothing really even worth typing out. I really just want to enjoy my vacation time and eat. a lot.

ParentingPink said...

Coming at ya from SITS. Love the recipe! We just got french doors put in our kitchen and I LOVE them!

Unknown said...

I want those reindeer-geesh so so cute! stopping by from sits to say Hi

Mammatalk said...

Oooh, love the hall bench. And on the top of my wish list is....I want a blog as organized and cool as this one!

Anonymous said...

Well I like that french doors LOL and I want so badly new camera :)

Grand Pooba said...

My husband and I thank you for the recipe!

On my wish list right now is a new coat. I hate shopping so this is going to be hard to come by!

Michelle said...

On my wish list is a new kitchen, that will be done in one day. Can you make that happen for me?

The crockpot recipe sounds really yummy!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted a mom's birthstone necklace or ring. You know the kind that has her kids stones? I'd really like one of those.

Family there yet?

Sandra said...

Sounds like a great recipe :)

Anonymous said...


Kristen said...

I love the tea kettle. I have one (not quite like this one) that sits on my little stove top. I use it often...but I just like to look at it sometimes. :)

lynette355 said...

got the jump this weekend
missed seeing you this week
you ok
i pray so
i know some times get very very very busy
whats on my wish list
hummmmmmm.......more than 3 followers
that is for sure.

Rachel said...

YAY -- another great recipe. It sounds good!

Hmm . . what's on my wish list? A new living room rug -- I'm tired of my bare floor!!!!

Following In My Shoes

My First Kitchen said...

I have a file on my desktop called "gift ideas." One might think they're ideas of things to get people I love. Nope. They're all ideas for me. I'm so selfish. But oh my goodness, I want that mixer attachment that scraps the sides of the mixing bowl. I want a new lens for my camera. And about forty thousand cookbooks. And a real Silpat. And a digital scale! And more wooden spoons for my collection!!! You've unleashed my selfish monster. Dang it.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I have something for you over at my place. Here is the link:

Kori said...

That recipe sounds yummy. I'm gonna have to fix that sometime.

Let's see I pray for a miracle, I want a new camera and I wish for my kids to have a wonderful Christmas.

Ash said...

A laptop!

But after all the lay offs at my hubby's company last week, and rumors of more in February, I'm thinking some job security would be all I need.

Merry Christmas, indeed.


Ash said...

OK, you have me a little worried - do you have the funk too?

Hope everything is OK - Em

tiarastantrums said...

I love Ballard Design so much - I want to buy so much stuff from that catalogue for my house!!!!!!! I have a french window fake door in my office and a regular door - the pain of the finger prints and nose prints!!!!

Wish List - man - it is so long -
-6 burner gas stove that fits 6 cookie sheets!!!!!
-new stone front stoop and sidewalk
-$500 lenses for my camera
- more stuff but I will stop - I'm getting depressed!

Avery Tales said...

I really want a sewing machine, although it would probably just be one more thing to collect dust around the house.

Kelsey said...

I need to make a wishlist!
I have Photoshop on mine.

You have an award at my blog when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Just checking to see how are you :) miss your posts :) :)

Ash said...

I'm thinking one or more of you have succombed to the funk going around here.

Missing you!


Anonymous said...

Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Take care!

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