Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm over shopping in real rules & Menu Plan Monday

WINNERS FROM YESTERDAY: Here are the 3 randomly chosen winners of the gift certificates from yesterday...CONGRATS! I'll be contacting you. :)
1. Joanne
2. Jennifer
3. Mrs. Langhans

Winners...please email me your full name, the state you live in and the email address you'd like me to email the certificate to. I'll be contacting you in case you don't see the blog this morning. :)

ENTER ONE LAST TIME for another chance to win one of THREE $10 gift certificates to! This will be the last giveaway. I liked all the fun comments over the weekend so I'm going to apply the same rules...leave as many comment entries as you want on this post (any comment) today by midnight PST as well as a way for me to contact you. I'll randomly choose 3 winners and post them tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!


Wowsers, I just had a crazy busy weekend. Thank goodness I have a mom who lives a few streets over and wants to watch the baby. I did all the rest of my Christmas shopping over the weekend (which took FOREVER because of the wrap-around-lines to check out), baked 8 wine cakes for the neighbors, went grocery shopping with the 1,283,329 people who were in line with me when I went Christmas shopping, finished decorating the house (I know, kinda late), went clothes shopping for myself (because I haven't done that in a year), ran a bazillion errands and then signed up on As if I didn't have enough things keeping me on the computer! This Facebook stuff is SO addicting! I've been on for two whole days and have over 100 friends (I know all of them, I promise)'s amazing how you can reconnect with so many long lost friends. I even reconnected with a few childhood pals that I haven't seen in 22 years! Crazy!

Oh and by the way, I loved all your frugal tips that you left over the weekend!

Before I get to the food, make way for some deals...

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And now for the FOOD portion of the show...
This is the week for the Crock Pot! We'll be having lots of friends and family over this week so the Crock Pot will be my best friend! Click on the links to view the recipe.

Monday: Lentils & Sausage - EASY Slow Cooker Recipe
Tuesday: French Dip - Another EASY Slow Cooker Recipe
Wednesday: Apple, Cheddar & Turkey Meatballs (The only turkey we're having this Christmas.) - Oh look ANOTHER Slow Cooker Recipe!
Thursday: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We're hosting Christmas with a Tex-Mex theme! Tamales, Beans, Rice, Jalapeno Corn Bread...mmmmm! The picture to the right is what it will look like.
Friday: Leftovers!

Head over to for more fabulous meals!

Question of the Day
Did you go shopping over the weekend?
Do tell me about your experience.
Oh and what did ya buy me?


Oh and can leave as many comment entries
today as you want for the giveaway!


Brandy said...

Your blog is great! Just stopping over from SITS. Have a blessed holiday week!

lynette355 said...

great menu this week
i am coming there for christmas dinner yummmmmm

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Woo hoo! I won the gift certificate! Sweet! I will email you my info after I am done leaving my comment.

I did about all of five minutes of shopping over the weekend. Saturday I ran in and out of Hallmark for two Spanish Christmas cards. It wasn't too bad. I suspect that most of the people that were out shopping that day were looking for more items than just cards.

Anonymous said...

I love on-line shopper. It's it the way to go (especially when you have a toddler).

Thanks for the deal info.

Jess said...

Well, I bought you LOTS of presents that you'll get if I win the contest! ;)

I hit Target one last time looking for something comfy and cozy to wear to Xmas. I found the best ''cashmazing'' sweatsuit that is the SOFTEST material ever!
The lines weren't bad, the only trouble I had was at Starbucks and a lady about flipped her shite because the line was bad. It was rather funny. I calmly pointed out if she'd stop yelling we'd all get her drinks quicker and then she stomped out. The baristas gave me my drink for free!

magpie said...

oh my god- i had a similar crazy weekend- last minute shopping, decorating, wrapping, phew! today, the agenda is work then straight to a massage!!!! okay, i just joined afacebook a few weeks ago- it's NUTS, huh???

Anonymous said...

yea! I won! I just emailed you!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I did NO shopping! I have hand made all my gifts this year! I'm super excited about it too!!

Kelsey said...

Mexican on Christmas sounds delicious! I'm not even sure what we're doing for dinner that night, we're making a drive to Miami (2 hours away) to go see the Ringling Brothers Circus, so maybe we'll go somewhere down there.

YES! I went shopping this weekend! Seriously worst traffic EVER! I took me 20 minutes to get from my house to a place that normally takes me 5 minutes.

Cassie said...

Congratulations winners!

Cassie said...

Your Tex Mex Christmas dinner sounds FANTASTIC!

No shopping for me over the weekend!

~Trish~ said...

I am done done and DONE shopping thankfully!!!! Now just patiently waiting a few more days for it to be over!!

cindysherritt said...

Shopping - yes, one of our kitchen floodlights burned out so we bought a new one and had to get fuses for DH's motorcycle so he can plug in his heated gear. Also, got a few gifts for the grandbaby - he's the only one receiving this year!
Merry Christmas,

cindysherritt said...

Oh and congratulations to all winners of the - gift certificates!!
Cindy Sherritt

angie said...

I'm done! Just got finished putting everything in gift bags. I'm feeling more festive now!

Mrs Anne said...

*congrats to today's winners!!*

yes... i went shopping this weekend.


i felt like a mouse in a cage at petco... there were approx 1,233,848,949 people out and they ALL were at the stores i was.

needless to say i wasn't too excited.


i am DONE Christmas shopping and life is good!


*dropping my name in the bucket*


Michelle said...

I FINISHED yes you heard right, finished my shopping on Black Friday. And I wrapped it all the weekend after Turkey day. I can't even remember what I bought for some people because its been wrapped for such a long time!

cindysherritt said...

Your Christmas menu makes my mouth water! My daughter-in-law is from Monterrey, Mexico and her mother always makes us some homemade tamales at Christmas - oh - so good!!

Mammatalk said...

Hubby and I went shopping with the kids this weekend. We used the big double stroller and put the toys on the fold up sun shade thing so they wouldn't see. Sneaky, aren't we? I am sure these days won't last forever.

threesidesofcrazy said...

Yum - what time is dinner Wednesday? LOL sounds super yummy!

threesidesofcrazy said...

I miss Tex Mex Christmases too!

Anonymous said...

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