Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today is brought to you by the letter "B" ...

"Bug" starts with the letter "B" ....

Tending to a sick baby. As a new mom of almost 19 months I'm learning that children get sick...a lot. She's had the stomach bug over and over and over. Poor little thing.

While she's taking a nap, I thought I would post some deals and some free printables. That's another thing I'm learning as a new parent...printables are fabulous. :)

B is for Big Bird Coloring Page
Dora's Carnival Adventure Activity Pack - SO CUTE!
Dora's Snow Princess Coloring Pack
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Give the gift of food! :) deal:
60% off - $25 gift certificates for $4!!
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Something I love to give as well as receive! :)
Up to 50% off Family Games

A few certain someones will be receiving something from this link:
Wii Games

One of my fave online stores...Things Remembered:
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Grandparents love photo gifts:
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I haven't even thought of Chirstmas cards yet. uuggghh
Free shipping on orders of $35 or more when you shop before Dec. 31.

For the men ... ONE day sale on the 8th. Mark your calendar.
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More manly stuff.
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Two of my friend's favorite stores. These is for you. ;-)
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Ahhh Jewelry!
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Question of the Day
Today is brought to you by the letter "?" ...
What letter is the letter of the day for you?


Anonymous said...

P for pain LOL my back hurts and I feel so awful from pills I'm taking :(

Great sales BTW

Kristen said...

Ooooo...wii games. I know a certain someone who might be getting one of those! Thanks!

angie said...

P! A Peppermint Mocha Twist from Starbucks made my day so much better!

Mc Allen said...

what agreat idea!! I guess my letter would be G, for go. I have 3 teens and its always off to here andf there. right now Im sitting here in my tube top dress and one of the 14 year old twins just asked if I m wearing that when i drive her to h a party.. She is now waiting for me to answer with pfear in her eyes. I guess I gatta go, but I'll be back, your blog is awesome!! ;) LA

Kelsey said...

My letter of the day is "O" for OUCH!
I have had the worst cramps all day and I'll leave it at that lol.

Thanks for the Wii link, I have a few I need to pick up for the brother!

Mari said...

Oh no! Hope baby is better soon. My letter is K because I've been in the kitchen all day!

momma said...

what a wonderful site you have. i commented below you at sits. hope your little one is feeling better soon.

Mammatalk said...

Hope the little one feels better soon. That stomach bug is the worst! Poor thing.

My letter is W because my three year old and one year old have been doing it all day!

Jennifer said...

I hope your baby gets well soon! After the strep throat spell my 5 yr old got the Stomach bug the very next night..yuck!! He recovered quick, Thank God! My letter for today would be "G" for garage sales this morning, and Grilling this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Poor's tough when young ones are sick.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh - the letter fav, of course...Beauty and BEDLAM!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Too funny!! Great mind think alike!!

Today though it is the letter "F" for family....'cause my girls are coming home for a Sunday dinner! Whoo-hoo

~Trish~ said...

Awe poor lil one!!

My letter of the day is F for FOOTBALL!!!

Mandy- Read. Write. Mom! said...

Hope the baby is feeling much better soon!

Ash said...

Aw, hugs for baby AND mama!

My letter of the day - "P" for Proud - my 6-year-old finally conquered his fear of learning how to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels!!!

Super proud mama.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Missed you. So sorry that it has been so fun with family and sickness. But glad that you are back. Love the deals but he he I am all done with Christmas - YAHOOO!!!!

the pearson ANTiCS said...

T for tired. I have a 7 week old, and am ready for a night of sleep [or 4 hours ;)]

I also wanted to let you know if you're still interested in holiday cards, I'd love to do them for you [when you get a moment to breathe!] :) If so, just shoot over an email.

Thanks!! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Cute coloring pages. I've got a similar site targeted to kids. Children can comment on & create a story! Check it out!

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