Wednesday, October 31, 2007

sharing is caring ... some of my secrets revealed

OK, now its time to dish the deals....

I'd buy that for a dollar
Let's think Christmas shopping. Here are some FABULOUS deals for gifts or stocking stuffers.
Sephora has a huge sale going on with up to 75% off! Who doesn't know a gal who would love a french manicure? At a $1 a set, you really can't go wrong with this stocking used to be $10! Better yet, get this and you can throw the french manicure set'll be a big hit with the person you give this to! Its a train case that retailed at $55 and is now $5! Wow! Oh and HOLD THE TRAIN before you're done be sure to use your FREE SHIPPING CODE when you check out! The code is: FREESHIP

Bridging the Gap
Right now you can get $10 off $50 at Use this code D0L1TNPLGCFF at check out. Expires 11/30/07 Just copy/paste the code. The '0' is a zero.

FREE? Did somebody say FREE?
Yup, I sure did! This is the part of the show where Melody does a dance out of excitement for her FREE deals! Whoooo Hoooo!

Yes its true...It really is! I just got my order in last night and boy was I impressed! The Silver Jewelery Club
offers FREE jewelery and all you pay is the $5.99 shipping fee. I had seen this many times online at other websites, but was leary. Women ranted and raved so I thought I would give it a shot. I am seriously impressed with the quality. I recently bought my teenager niece a garnet necklace and ring. I bought a chain for the pendant and that only put me back $4.99. So I spent $5.99 for the pendant, $4.99 for the necklace and $5.99 for the do the math! Unbelievable price for the set! By the way, you can only order one piece per order. They feature 4 items at a time for 15 minutes. Be sure to go to the page where you can see their upcoming items.
Silver Jewelery Club: Click HERE

*Color Me Happy*
I don't have any kids old enough to color, but if I did I would be visiting these sites often! Free coloring pages you can print out!

OK, I have to now try to get over the fact that I've shared my free jewelery secret. I didn't want to because some of my gift recipients will see this site and know my tricks, but hey, sharing is caring, right? haha

I'll be back later.

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