Tuesday, October 30, 2007

these are a few of my favorite things ....

And I'm not talking raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens...

I have recently been on a book kick. I have a baby and want to have tons of books for her. I'm passionate about finding the books from my childhood, too. Well, on my quest to build her library I found a fabulous website with bargain prices called Book Close Outs. I can't get over the deals. My last purchase was 7 books for $22. That included shipping/handling. New books, too! They may have a 'mark' or dot on the side of the book since most are from excessive inventory and the publisher is trying to get rid of them....uhh, that's fine by me. They are NEW books. I'll take my $1.25 book, read it 100 times to my little one and be happy! They also have a scratch and dent section which is pretty self explanatory.

I love the "Shop by Price" option. I'm a sucker for the $1 - $3 deals. I rarely even go higher than that. (Please refrain from calling me cheap, K?) If you want a book, buy it because it may not be there later.

Book Close Outs
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My find for the day at this site is by one of my favorite childhood authors, Judy Blume. A little mature for my 5 month old, but she'll learn to love it one day! ;) Great deal for $2.99 Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing - Hurry, there's only one copy left!

Oriental Trading Company
Who doesn't love OTC? Its one of the only places where you can entertain 12 kids with a craft for $4.95! There are all sorts of fun stuff on this site...I could spend half the day there, but I'm restraining myself. By all means, you spend half the day there...
Oriental Trading Company
20% off orders of $60 or more
Coupon Code: RETPY08B expires unknown

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