Thursday, November 1, 2007

do you know where zimbabwe is?

Check out this cute world map floor puzzle at the National Geographic store. It's marked down to $5.99 from $19.95! Maybe this puzzle will help me when I'm watching Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?....the only thing I remember from Geography class is that Brussels is the capital of Belgium because you don't eat brussel sprouts with Belgium waffles. Yeah, that's a little thing I made up to help me remember. It worked because its one of the only capitals that stuck in my mind! ha!

While you're at the NG store, check out the deal on the 2006 Oscar-award Winner for Best Documentary Feature, March of the Penguins DVD. It has been reduced to $6.99 from $19.95!

Know anyone who is into photography? If so, this is a great Christmas gift! The 10"X10" hardcover book In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits is filled with 280 photos and fabulously reduced to $5.99 from $30.00! I think I want this one! .... I just may email my husband this post! ;)

Bonus: When you check out, you'll receive an additional 10% off these items!

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