Friday, November 2, 2007

friday amazon deals

I know, I know ... I should have posted these early this morning. Well, I went to the mall today so I'm a little late on getting things on the blog.

Next time someone asks you what time it is, tell them its time to save $281 on this watch! Umm hello - great gift for Christmas! (Are you tired of the constant plugging of Christmas gift ideas? I'm trying to help you out here, K?)

If you have a hubby who needs to ask for directions, then you should get this for him... and it will save you a ginormous (I love that made up word) amount of cash .... save $600! Fortunately, I have a husband we call MapQuest Johnny!

I often dream about getting fancy dancy patio furniture. I see myself in a swanky bathing suit with one of those 80's Dynasty looking sun hats with the huge brim flopping over one of my eyes, make up totally done, sleek long hair shining in the sun while sitting in one of these chairs. Oh and don't forget the fancy drink with the umbrella in it!

Don't know if this will make your food taste better, but it will definitely make your wallet feel great if you're in the market for one since you'll save $148!!

The bad thing about doing this blog is that I find things that I want for myself (like THIS) and I can't be buying up all the great deals I find, can I?

OK and here I go finding something else I want ... sheesh, I may make this my last deal on amazon for today. Anyone in the market for a parsons chair will know this is a great price. Wow, 71% off?!? I'd buy 6 of them right now if I weren't between houses right now ... anyone want to buy our house? haha

Alright, so I didn't make the parsons chair my last deal ... how could I with THIS fabulous $300 off sale??? You'll be a Food Network lookin' chef with those fancy pots and pans!

Awww I love pink! (the color, not the singer)

Yup, I need some of these, too.

My friend that I went shopping with today will need to tell me if this is a good deal. All I know is that $110.01 off sounds great ... what's with the penny on the end of that? She had one that looked just like this one....not sure if it was the same brand or not.

OK -- hope you all get to see these deals before today is done ... gotta love FRIDAYS on Amazon! If you're reading this on Saturday, you're may be too late for the deals (some prices may not have changed though) ... see the importance of coming to this site??? (shameless plug)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have the time to do this! I read through all of your posts and only wish I would have caught some earlier. Keep up the good work!;)

Anonymous said...

Baby's nap time = laundry, house cleaning and laptop time! :) Good thing she takes 3-4 naps a day right now! haha ;)