Friday, November 9, 2007

its that time of the week again ... friday amazon deals

If Amazon had a store front, I'm positive this is what it would look like everyday. . .

OK, lets see what goodies Amazon has for their Friday Sale....and before you call me nuts for posting this late at night just know that I'm up, the baby is asleep and Leno is boring, so why the heck not post now? ha

Quite possibly the most hilarious dog toy on the planet, in my opinion of course. This will not only keep your pup occupied for hours, but it will cause you to bust a gut laughing. Stuff some peanut butter or a treat inside and you're set! Its been reduced to $4.49 ... can't put a price on endless laughing sessions, but if you could, $4.49 would be darn cheap! ;-)

If my husband didn't already own a million sets of these, I'd snatch this up for 75% off! What a great Christmas gift ... $14.99 (marked down from $60) for a fabulous Mr. BBQ 7 Piece Gourmet Grilling Set!

Am I the only one who has never heard of this brand of watch? Invicta Baby Lupah Diamond Watch ... hmmm doesn't ring any bells with me, but that's not saying much. Last time I was in New York City I didn't hear any street vendors whispering "Rolex, Movado, Tag, Invicta Baby Lupah Diamond Watch" as tourists passed by. Well, I just had to post it because its a whopping $929.75 off! List price = $1100 and the sale price is $170.25. Not bad!

These fancy dancy pots and pans are back from last week and anyone out there who knows my husband's email address should so kindly forward this to him ... I realllllllllllllllllllly need a new set of cookware for Christmas. Fabulously reduced to $109.99 from $410 -- me likey 73% off!

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