Thursday, November 8, 2007

crazy for crazy 8

Crazy 8 just notified me (I feel so special) that they are having a holiday 'dressy' styles sale for up to 30% off. This applies to select styles.

I'm justifying my big purchase (my daughter's fancy schmancy 1st Christmas dress I call the baby prom dress) at Gymboree tonight, well equiped with my 30% off coupon, since I don't have a Crazy 8 in town. Of course, I could have shopped online, right? Well, if I'm going to foolishly spend that much on a 'special' dress, then I better see it in person and get the right size. I'm sure that the size will be off because I'm horrible at guessing what size she'll be almost 2 months from now. Oh well ... if its ginormously too big it will make for a good 'mom' story one day, I'm sure. By the way, the dress is simply darling and I went a few stores to The Children's Place and just 'had' to get her their faux fur coat (40% off, thank you) since Gymbo didn't have the faux fur shrug in her size! HA! I'm insane, I know....but its fun being insane sometimes!

OK, let me get back to what I was starting to say ... sheesh, so scatter brained tonight ... so Crazy 8 is having a 'dress up for the holidays' sale and they are still offering free shipping for everyone who gives them a whirl! Well, good for them! ;-) I didn't find a large selection of 'holiday' styled dresses on sale, but they do have some '2 for deals' and lots of items less than $9.99. Worth checking out!

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