Thursday, November 8, 2007

jackets for all decades

Hmmm this model looks doesn't look that excited to be sportin' her 71% off Woven Corduroy Blazer. Oh well! I'm sure anyone looking for this would be more than thrilled to save $43! Don't forget to warm up the little one! This Zip Front Hoodie Jacket in size 18m is only $1.99 right now! Gotta love 91% off! And can someone PLEASE tell me why the 80s is coming back? Maybe its not and these Members Only Jackets have just been on sale ever since then??? Well, if you're stuck a couple decades behind, then you'll be thriller ... I mean thrilled to add this to your outdated wardrobe for 83% off at $9.99.


Mari said...

I'm so glad to have found you! I am bookmarking you and will be back. Thanks for sharing all this info!

Anonymous said...

Yeah whats up with the 80's!? I finally started looking at the "normal people" clothes again since having my daughter and I couldn't get over the 80's inspired leggings and big maternity shirts! Who know I was in fashion for 9 months! ha
Thanks for the site Melody, its very helpful to us new mom's who can't figure out what we're doing from one moment to the next!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Hi Mari!

Well, thanks for comin' by! So glad to hear that you'll be back....I love visitors! Oh and I can't wait to try the recipe that's on your blog! I just may have to find a crockpot deal for anyone else who hasn't joined in on this fabulous invention!

Pennies In My Pocket said...


Seriously, the 80s needs to be gone for good ... forever ... and ever. Oh and I must still be in fashion after having a baby because I still need my oversied clothes! hahaha Well, its not that bad, but man oh man am I far from being able to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Oh and when someone figures out what we should be doing from one moment to the next, be sure to let me know! ;-)

Thanks for coming by!!