Friday, November 30, 2007

one time use codes up for grabs!

We have Wen to thank for this oh-so-generous coupon gift! Thanks, tons! :::tips hat:::: These are ONE TIME USE codes so first come, first served!

Hey there - in my many Old Navy orders, they've included codes for 20% off at, the Gap's new online shoe store. I'm not going to use these, so thought I'd pass them along. The codes are good through Dec. 22 and are one-time only use. Piperlime offers free shiping and returns. Here they are: S3Cl57MNP2P5 and QLXRN0ML9H04

I also got codes for $10 off your online purchase of $75 or more at
Old Navy. Again, they're one-time use, but I don't anticipate using all of them :) These codes are good through 12/31/07. Here are the Old Navy codes: S3LRRBKVFPJD and S3MJ49Q84S5S and QFF1H353F8YR

Happy Shopping!

Thanks again, Wen! You're awesome! :-)

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