Saturday, December 1, 2007

say cheeeeeeeeeese!

Chris emailed me to share his good deal on Amazon today... (notice that he's a 'woooohoooo'-er like me!)

I just ordered a Canon A560 camera from Amazon. It was $133 - $30 for signing up for a credit card = $103 ! Its a 7.1 MP camera that is highly rated! Whoohoo!


To keep this a 'good deal' just make sure to pay off the credit card...I'm sure you will. Oh and I added the search bar that you requested (see it up there??? so pretty) ... that should make finding good deals that I've posted much easier for you. Would you like fries to go with your order? ;-) Man, talk about superb service!

Everybody, keep the emails and comments coming in on the deals you are finding! Spread the love, spread the love...

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