Monday, December 10, 2007


Just a heads up. I love giving the 'heads up' on things ... makes me feel like I'm in the know or something. I'm a dork ... I know, I know.

Pennies In My Pocket is going to be hosting a fabulous giveaway contest very soon. I'm still working out all the little details, but I thought I'd let my loyal readers in on it. You'll be able to win a gift certificate (for some oh-so-adorable jewelry from a fabulous website I found recently) by simply leaving a comment. Of course there will be extra credit entries to those of you who spread the word of the contest ... So, stay tuned and get ready to win some fun free stuff!

Yaaay! I'm excited! You should be, too! ;-)


Mari said...

I'm excited too - I'll be watching for this!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited! I love contests...count me in!

Britt said...

Oooo, I LOVE contests and jewelry!! :) I posted about it on my blog to spread the word! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I love contests, too!! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

contest? did somebody say contest? I'm going to win, so there's no contest, really! hahaha j/k Can't wait! I'll be looking for it!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm dying of suspense! I'll be coming often to see when it starts!