Saturday, December 1, 2007

stocking stuffers that will make everyone laugh

OK, these are hilarious ... I've seen these flying screeeeeaming monkeys in person and they are seriously a riot! Everyone in the room gets addicted to plunging them to and fro. My husband and I recently were in a big chain store with his parents and found them. We kept slinging them around the store! Not sure sure the sales clerks thought we were funny, but we did! ;-)

You'll get a pack of goodies in the Daily Deal Grab Me One Christmas Gifts going on, but this featured set is only for 12 more hours. Seriously, get it. Its a steal of a deal and you will add tons of laughter to your holidays. Oh and they are 100% LEAD FREE and its safe for kids!

You'll get: 2 Christmas Monkeys (red & green hat) + Flying Hero Monkey + Flying Frog + 4 Stockings

Price: $35.95
Deal Price: $8.99
You Save: $26.96 (75%)
Product code: grabme4slings

Save an extra 10% when you purchase over $20.00. Use coupon code handheld10 during checkout. (10% off does not apply to GPS and electronic devices)

I'm getting mine now! Seriously, they are hilarious! (seriously ... can I use 'seriously' more?)

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Anonymous said...

These really are hilarious. When we gave them to the kids they ignored all their other gifts! The adults got addicted to them too. I may just have to see if there is anyone on my list I could give these to as little stocking stuffers.