Friday, January 4, 2008

$5 - $10 off for new customers is bringing back the popular $5 off $30 / $10 off $50 New Customer Coupon! From now until 3/31/08 new customers receive $5 off $30 / $10 off $50 plus free shipping. (Click on that link to activate the discount.) Also, dollars are now available for customers to spend. I love free money. I also love being able to sit back on my couch and order anything from toilet bowl cleaner to electronics. I hate shopping in real takes too much time and gas.

Here are some other specials going on at
If you made a resolution this year to either lose weight, stop smoking, get fit, look your best, go green or be healthy then you'll love this one ... Save up to 40% with our Resolutions Sale! Ends 2.8.2008

If your resolution is to save more money in 2008, then here you go: Save up to 70% on Clearance Items at


jennwa said...

Wow 70 % off. That sounds great Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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