Friday, January 4, 2008

Here comes the bride ...

...and some wedding deals, too! As I've mentioned before, I own a wedding business. I've taken time off from it to spend time with the most adorable baby girl on the planet. Not sure if/when I'll resume my biz because I'm just having way too much fun with the little peanut!

The Wedding deals at - the World's Largest Party Superstore - caught my eye since I'm very familiar with the cost of planning a wedding. There are just too many items on sale to list. They cover everything from personalizing your wedding, decorations, invitations & thank yous, favors & gifts, wedding banners, tiaras and so much more. Be sure to take advantage of the $5.95 shipping promo for orders of $65 or more today. Coupon code is VESH65 at checkout. That could save you some serious cash depending on how large your order is. That code is valid on other purchases as well, not just wedding items.

If you have a wedding coming up then this is what you need to do: 1. Take a deep breath 2. Exhale 3. Take a deep breath 4. Exhale 5. Repeat steps 1-4 as many times as it takes until you are calm. When you're done with steps 1-5, then you can continue shopping.

Feel free to pass this post onto any brides you may know who are frantically trying to plan a wedding on a budget....and tell them to not worry too much about all the decorations, food and such. The wedding should focus on the marriage not the favors and cake. :-) Just my 2 cents. I'm a horrible sales person when it comes to 'selling' my products from my business. I'm always telling clients to save a buck and cut something out.

I just love and I'm sure I'll be posting more party deals later on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE throwing parties! Until then, check out their Outlet to Save up to 85%!

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