Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lovely Valentine's Discounts ...

Before I share today's deals, I want to award 'lcooper' with the COMMENT OF THE DAY Award for yesterday. Sorry I don't have some cute little button to accompany this outstanding award. I just had to say something about her (I'm assuming this person is a woman, but sorry if she is really a he) comment because it kept me laughing for a good hour or so. It was in reference to the Jessica Simpson Extensions from Amazon that I posted yesterday.

I don't know what's worse, the fact that they sell Jessica Simpson extensions or the fact that they are $86! Next thing you know they will be selling Brittney Spears bald caps!

Ohhhhh that was funny! I'm laughing and getting a good ab workout. Sure beats sit-ups! Say something funny and you can win this prestigious award and brag about it because, you know, it's the cool thing to get....or maybe not, but let's just pretend. K?

OK, now on to the lovely discounts...

Smell pretty, not stinky, on Valentine's Day:
$5 off Valentine's orders of $40 or more - Coupon Code: LSVDY - Expires 2/15/08
Valentine's Day Discounts and Free Shipping at

Put your Valentine's name on things: - one of my favorite stores
5% off regular priced items - Coupon Code: PM8845
10% off regular priced items - Coupon Code: PM6244
15% off regular priced items - Coupon Code: PM3201
$5 off any order with minimum $15 purchase - Coupon Code: PM6680
$10 off any order with minimum $50 purchase - Coupon Code: PM5514
$15 off any order with minimum $75 purchase - Coupon Code: PM9837
$20 off any order with minimum $125 purchase - Coupon Code: PM2088
$25 off any order with minimum $250 purchase - Coupon Code: PM0377
Free shipping on any order with minimum $50 purchase - Coupon Code: PM5551

Put your love in a basket:
Valentine Gift Baskets
Free shipping on select baskets offered this Valentine's Day
5% off on any order - Coupon Code: SAVE5

Dress your football loving Valentine:
Get 10% off all NFL Jerseys Valid from 1.27-2.9 only at! - Sale starts tomorrow.

For the little Valentine that likes to explore:
Save 20% On All Dora The Explorer and Diego Merchandise At

Give pictures of yourself to your's not conceited, I promise:
Shutterfly - Free shipping on orders $30+
Coupon Code: AF31-SHIP
Expires 2/5/08


Anonymous said...

Oh I'll have to think of something funny to say. I want that outstanding award! ;)

I wish I would have known about the discount on the NFL jerseys. I just bought one for my husband 2 days ago. I want to smell pretty and not stinky, so I'm going to check out those deals.

Janice {Run Far} said...

I am for sure posting you on my blogs by people i don't know. This is great maybe I can start getting more for my money.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Are You Serious! said...

How funny... Definately deserves your award!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

That was absofreakinlutely awesome!

Anonymous said...

The canvas prints at personalization mall are amazing and priced very well! I'm going to get a photo of my husband and I from there for valentine's day for my hubby!!! Thanks for the coupon codes!

Anonymous said...

I'm such a slacker. Haven't been to your site the past few days because my computer has been acting up. Hate it when that happens. It's like taking cigs away from a smoker!

Thanks for the lovely award. I'm hanging it in my fridge. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great idea, but will this really work?