Thursday, August 14, 2008

For all the James Bond lovers ...

...I'm not one of them, but hey I look out for all you people. ;-)

Just noticed that the James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set is the Deal of the Day at Amazon today! Boy is it on sale, too....

James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set

List Price: $289.98
Yesterday's Price: $209.99
Today's Gold Box Price: $95.99 - 67% off!!

So again, like yesterday, I'm thinking Christmas gifts. I've already got 8 people taken care of on my Christmas list and my goal is to be done by the end of October. I don't have anyone who would love this or else I'd jump on it.


Anonymous said...

Found you through my friend's blog. She's ranted about you for a while and then you took a break! lol

The hubby would LOVE this as a gift! I would hate it because he'd be watching it all the time, but he'd love it! haha

Anonymous said...

RATS! Just clicked on it after my last comment to find that it's sold out! Go figure! I was too late. I'll have to check your blog in the mornings from now on....sneak it in at work!