Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marshmellows, Bows & Arrows? Perfect Match!

OK, I thought the baby was waking from her nap and she wasn't. So, I'm watching Ellen on TV right now while eating an extremely late lunch. Selena Gomez (Disney star) just gave Ellen one of these .... Marshmallow Shooter: Bow and Mallow. MUST have one now! HIIIIIILARIOUS! This would make a fabulous gift for that goofy guy (or gal...remember, I want one). Oh and it's on sale. Only 8% off, but that's OK. ;-)


Anonymous said...

We have two of these in our household. Let me just tell you it provides for hours of mindless joy. I say get at least 2 or else the shooter is at an unfair advantage.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Amazon has taken away the discount, well unless you call a penny off a discount. I'm sure since it was on the Ellen show they have seen the hits to it go way up. Funny how Amazon is. Still, it's not a bad price. This just looks too fun to pass up. My husband just told me to get 3! haha

Kellan said...

Somtimes it is just the simple things that make us happy - isn't it?

I'm Kellan, BTW - very nice to meet you. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Check it out there is a Marshmellow Camo Shooter on Amazon too! There's a whole world of marshmellow shooting things! Who knew?

hahahaha I can't stop laughing. This is hilarious. I think I HAVE to buy this for my 12 year old son!

jennwa said...

My son wants one. He came home from boy scouts the other night saying how cool they were.