Monday, December 15, 2008

Jacked Up Pricing & Menu Plan Monday

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2. Wen in OR
3. Lynette

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This weekend I went shopping for the first time in a LONG time. Reminded me why I hate shopping anywhere BUT online...too many people, too much walking (I'm lazy) and too many messed up prices...

Let me explain the 'messed up prices.' There were a plethora of signs boasting "80% off" or "Everything half off", yada yada yada. Let me just tell you that they are JACKING the prices UP then lowering them. A jewelry store was going out of business and everything was 80% off and then after that an additional 20% off. So, who in their right mind could pass THAT up? We went in, found a fabulously gorgeous dome pave diamond ring. (Looked very similar to the ring pictured to the right.) "I'd like to try that on, please." After further inspection of this magnificent piece of art she shared the price. Now, my hubby and I know a lot about the proper pricing of diamonds. We know all \ about color, cut, clarity, ct. For the quality it was we were figuring the original price would be at the absolute max $2000-$3000 and that is jacked up 'max'. (After all the sales it should land around $400 if it were originally $2500.) The 'price' they had it originally marked at was $12,999! HAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT! Fools. Whatever. I did notice that prices throughout the mall were jacked up before the 'sale' prices. That's not very nice at all and really rude to people who aren't familiar with the value of products.

At least it only cost us $28 to fill up our empty tank today. Totally random thought. I love gas prices being back down and hope it lasts a long time.

OK, here are some deals before I get to the menu plan for the week...

FREE Upgraded Overnight Delivery at these sites... - Upgrade to Overnight Shipping at Exposures for the cost of Standard Shipping (a $32 value) on orders over $100. Use code 40618000017 and choose FedEx Standard Overnight at checkout. Offer ends 12/20/08.
and the same exact deal going on at...
Walter Drake - Upgrade to Overnight Shipping at Walter Drake for the cost of Standard Shipping (a $32 value) on orders over $75. Use code 80618000006 and choose FedEx Standard Overnight at checkout. Offer ends 12.20.08.

Mikasa Deals ...
--Mikasa's Shogun Blue Blub Vase is now on sale. Originally $68.00, now just $40.00.
--Mikasa's Sasaki Red Shogun Vase makes a great gift. Sale price $40.00 (originally $90.00)
--Mikasa's Akito tall vase makes a statement! Now just $20.00, originally $125.00.
--Mikasa's Sasaki Green Vase is stunning. Now just $30.00, originally $70.00.
--Mikasa's Echo Frost Bowl is now 50% off. Makes a great gift!
--10% off + FREE shipping on orders of $99 or more. Use code HOLLY08 to save. Offer ends Dec 31.

NickJr Deals...
--Buy any Wonder Pets DVD and save 15% off your order! Use code QWPDVD at checkout. Expires 12.22.08
--Get a FREE Dora or SpongeBob board game with any order over $100
--Get 20% off all DVDs at the Nick Shop!
--Get 20% off all Dora the Explorer Merchandise at the Nick Shop!

Thank you Joanne for letting me know that this easel has dropped in price even more!
Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel
List Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $25.99 - 57% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

Of course has a fabulous deal going on... 70% off! Get $25 gift certificates for only $3 AND get a FREE $15 deLaFlowers gift certificate with every order!! ENDS TODAY. Use Code WRAP at checkout and hit apply.

WOW! The Deal of the Day at Amazon is 80% off Men's and Women's Outerwear! Click here for the Deal of the Day. I do need a new jacket...hmmmmmmm

Alright, enough of the's the FOOD!!!

Monday: Cranberry-Chipotle Turkey (EASY Slow Cooker Recipe)
Tuesday: Leftovers from Monday
Wednesday: Ziti Bake (Didn't make it last week, had leftovers instead so it's going on the menu this week.)
Thursday: Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup - I'll post this recipe on Slow Cooking Thursday (photo to right) - I add 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp cumin & 4 tbsp taco seasoning and sub a can of chicken broth for the beer.
Friday: Baked Salmon with Coconut Crust - I combine 2 tablespoons of butter (melted) and one table spoon of brown sugar then drizzled it on top of the coconut crust during the last 6 minutes of baking. It makes a fabulous coating and adds flavor.

Head over to for more fabulous meals!

Question of the Day
Have you ever paid too much for something?
If so, what was it?


Tara Bennett said...

Yay! Thank you SO much Melody! Since I quit my job, my hubby and I hardly ever go out to eat even though that's my fave thing to do! Now I have a really good excuse to eat out! Woo hoo! Honestly, thanks.

I pay too much every time I go to the drive-through gas station. It's just ridiculously convenient, so even though I pay 3-4x what I would pay in the store, when I need milk for my baby and I'm not dressed for public and don't want to get my little girl and haul her into the store, I stop by. Every time I look at the receipt I feel sick, but then I crumple it up and try to forget that icky feeling so I can do it again next time! ;O)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm . . . the Cranberry Chipotle sounds delish! I think that alone would be reason enough for me to break down and finally get a slow cooker! Great menu :)

Anonymous said...

$12,999 for a ring that was worth around $2500? That's just so wrong on so many levels. I did the math and they'd be getting their 'real' original price by jacking it up that high. So wrong.

Your menu looks wonderful. I'm going to try the Turkey Cranberry Chipotle and the Chicken Taco Soup! Sounds so yummy!

Yes, I'm sure I've paid too much for things. I usually only buy on sale items, but occasionally there are things I want now before they sell out or because I'm tired of looking for it cheaper! haha The things that fall into this are dressy outfits needed for events like Christmas parties, banquets, etc and home decor.


Shell in your Pocket said...

Oh..I love that would be fun to wear at a Christmas party!

I am always paying too much!!!
-sandy toes

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

That's what I HATE about alleged holiday "sales." And I just don't understand why people don't get this is what's happening. There are some true sales out there, but really, these stores think we're idiots. I have no tolerance for it... which is why I really dislike malls, particularly around this time of year. Give me the internet shopping any day...

The menu sounds delish--as does a gift certificate!

~Trish~ said...

My daughter wanted a down vest this year. Well I found some at Target and looked at the price tag of a blue was marked down to $25. A little high but I hadn't found one anywhere else so I grabbed her size in a black one. Checked out and looked at my receipt and the vest rang up $ I went to customer service and they explained the BLUE one was on sale...not the black...UGH! I kept it anyways cuz she really wants it.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I had a history of paying the first price I saw for whatever it is I wanted when I was working. Now that I am a SAHM, I do a lot of price comparing.

cindysherritt said...

Your cranberry chipotle turkey and chicken soup sound delish! Thanks for all the links to check out.

lynette355 said...

Thank you so much for picking me. I don't feel like the last kid picked in the kick ball game anymore!

80% off then 20% off hummm 80 + 20 = 110% off? LOL Yeah I would like my free ring now.

Pay too much for something? If so it would have to be food somewhere. That is my downfall. But with my coupons that won't be the case now! WHIPEEE!

Cammie said...

totally coming to your place for dinner this week....I will bring the wine.

Michelle said...

Good Morning! Hope you had a nice weekend!

c said...

I can't think of anything specific, but I especially hate going to a clothing store and finding something I've bought for way less than I actually paid. That's always a bummer.

angie said...

If I have paid too much for something, I happily don't remember it.

It's rainy and cold in Arkansas, that soup looks perfect for today!

michelle said...

wow; thanks for the reminder and heads up about the sales! Isn't that so crazy!? I found the same thing at Kohl's; after thanksgiving "special sales", that are still going on! Next time i'll remember that and not wake up early to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gift certificate Mel!! This is the only place I've ever won :)

As far as spending too much....I can't even think about it right now - I'd have a panic attack :)

in OR

Kristen said...

I'm sure I spend too much for things more often than I'd care to admit. And I appreciate the deals on the Mikasa items. Our fine china is a Mikasa pattern. Love it!

Lisa said...

I too love to eat out and totally need a "good excuse" to be able to! ;)

Your weekly menu items sound delish. I just started making weekly menus and it helps so much.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Oh my sister LOVES everything Mikasa! Thanks for those deal!

The menu sounds mouth watering! Can I come over for dinner?

The answer to your QotD YES I over pay for things all the time. That's why I've been coming to your blog. Teach me oh bargain Queen! :D

FROGGITY! said...

grrr jacking up prices = not cool. menu sounds great! :)

Anonymous said...

Great menu I'll have to try some of the stuff :) and yes I paid way too much for shoes LOL

momma said...

not only are stores and companies raising prices before the sales, they are also making products in smaller sizes! especially food products. that is very frustrating!!!!

must not be blank said...

Prices are jacked up everywhere! I went to the Commissary (military grocery store) last week and spent $400.00--AND I didn't buy meat, veggies, dairy--basically no real food and didn't get half the things on my list. I usually spend $400.00 MAX there for an entire month's worth of food. I was seriously ticked off when I left....

Unknown said...

Your menu for the week sounds yummy, expectually the slow cooker chicken taco soup!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I hate paying too much! If I paid for something and then go back to the store and it's cheaper I'll totally get the recipt and go back for the cheaper price and usually they'll give it to you if it's within a certain time frame! :)

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I like that bracelet. Is this is bracelet or ring? When will you send me that gift?

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