Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lots of FREE stuff and another GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY: It's another giveaway for 3 $10 gift certificates to! Just leave a comment on this post (any comment) either today or Sunday as well as a way for me to contact you. I'll pick 3 winners after midnight SUNDAY night PST (I take Sundays off from posting, so I won't post the winner until have TWO days to enter.) GOOD LUCK! ...and keep coming back because more of these to come! ALSO, you can win more than once!

WINNERS FROM YESTERDAY: Here are the 3 winners of the gift certificates from yesterday...CONGRATS! I'll be contacting you in a few minutes. :)

2. Michelle
3. Someone Being Me

Here are some FREEBIES for your weekend! I found a few and then some friends and readers sent me more. Thanks Summer, Jim and Laura...

OK YUM... FREE Chocolate covered POM seeds

FREE FOOD ... Einstein Bros Bagels will send you a coupon for a Free Breakfast or Lunch Sandwich when your friends sign up to Einstein Bros. e-club!! The coupons expire within 5-7 days so use them soon! Keep your eye on your inbox!

I just received my FREE COFFEE from Dunkin' Donuts a few days ago. They are out of the Original Blend, but I like the Dunkin' Dark better anyway! GOOOOOOOD coffee!

Free Samples from! Mmmmm the new Gain smells soooo good!

The T.G.I.Friday's Give Me More Stripes Campaign entitles diners to a coupon for a free appetizer, a free one-time "front of the line" pass and the ability to earn "stripes" for each dollar spent at the restaurant.

FREE Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake after you register at Arby's for Arby's Extras. They will email you a coupon for your free shake. You'll also get exclusive access to upcoming promotions, new product info and special members-only coupons. Register Now For Your Minty Good Deal! This offer is for new members only. Offer expires 12/28/08

COOOOOOKIES ... Eight free Holiday cookie recipe cards.

I posted this yesterday, but I'll post it again... FREE Christmas Music from Amazon


I posted a deal on Spode Christmas Tree Pedestal Goblets yesterday from the Friday Sale. Just found this pretty Spode Christmas Tree Glass Pitcher on sale, too!
List Price: $57.25
Sale Price: $23.99 - 58% off
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping
*Tons more Spode items on sale!

December Deals on Toys and Games at Amazon

Save at Least 50% on Movies & TV

Home & Garden Markdowns - Click on the department of your choice on the left in order to narrow your search.

AVON CALLING! At this Avon webstore you will receive FREE shipping anytime with code REPFS

Question of the Day
What are your plans for the weekend?

**If you haven't already...GO ENTER MY


Jess said...

I am going drinkin' and mechanical bullriding with my BFF and our guys tonight, can't wait! should be a total blast!

magpie said...

omg- she's nutso up there!!! hahaha! i'm working my tail off on three books for my shop that are all custom last minute orders- phew. maybe a margarita is in order...

wanted to YOU about a giveaway! come on over to my blog- one of my books, and three other prizes are being offered- it's time you were up for a prize!!

now i'm off for free choc covered poms!!

cindysherritt said...

Thanks for the link to the Dunkin Donuts coffee!!

Anonymous said...

Yea - freebies!! Nothing exciting going on here - cleaning house, cleaning drawers, etc. etc. :)

in OR

Anonymous said...

I buy avon stuff for my mom all the time. Thanks for the free shipping code.

The Spode collection is gorgeous! I'm addicted and don't have that pitcher!! THANK YOU!


cindysherritt said...

Love the freebies and my email is !!

FROGGITY! said...

oh! thank you so much for my winnings!! so excited! also i wanted to let you know i bought my mom that pitcher after you recommended the spode glasses the other day! :) it's good stuff. so double thanks!!

Crystal Rae said...

WEll... I took pix of some munchkins, cute ones too... and I plan on being lazy with hubby! can't beat that.

southerninspiration said...

It's a catch up day for me! Please enter me in your drawing! thanks!


Provider Perspective said...

Great website, wonderful give-a-ways!I plan to just relax and watch cmas cartoons with my family.

Tara Bennett said...

My weekend has consisted of a night at Trolley Square, birthday breakfast for my dad, I'm hosting an 'ugly sweater party' tonight, going to see the Mormon Tab Choir sing tomorrow morning, going to church, then decompressing after being so busy!

NOW you know why I call myself TMI. Sometimes people just wish they hadn't asked me things because it's like word vomit with me! ;O)

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Chocolate covered POM bet I signed up for that! :)

FYI - Melissa & Doug easel is now $25.99!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ We went to my brother-in-laws house today and it was SOOO cold. Blizzard actually and we were lucky it wasn't worse. -1 degree in our house but the storm advisory said that it was -20 to -30 with the wind chill!!! I think we'll hunker down and NOT leave again even for the church christmas party!!!! I'm freezing! :)

Carolyn G said...

I love dunkin donuts!!!

Thanks for the giveaway.

cpullum said...

My plans is resting in the house as the storm comes in! My kids are going nuts so I may have to go to the mall!

Kelsey said...

Thank you for all that free stuff! Now I get to enjoy chocolate covered pom seeds (yum) and dark coffee (heavenly!!). So excited (even if I did have to lie about my age to get the seeds!!)

angie said...

My ex loves Dunkin Donuts coffee. It would be sweet of me to send him some.

Boring, boring weekend. Didn't do much of anything today, and I work tomorrow.

lynette355 said...

More coupons! Yeah, I will try again

lynette355 said...

And I am going to update my giveaway post and add this one to it

Kristen said...

I know you already know that I really like all things Spode and that pitcher looks fantastic! Love it.

c said...

Cool giveaway! I just came over from SITS - great blog!

kaylee8 said...

I really enjoyed my visit to your site. You have some neat gift ideas and I love your giveaways!

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