Friday, December 12, 2008 GIVEAWAY - 3 Winners & The FRIDAY Sale!

GIVEAWAY: Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my readers, here's a chance for 3 of you to win a $10 gift certificate to! Just leave a comment on this post (any comment) as well as a way for me to contact you. I'll pick a winner after midnight tonight PST. GOOD LUCK! ...and keep coming back because I plan on giving a lot more of these away whenever I post all the way until Christmas!

**If you haven't already...GO ENTER MY LANDS' END GIVEAWAY**

Just bought my Christmas cards yesterday...I'm such a slacker! I wanted to do photo cards, but that just isn't going to happen. I got the CUTEST 'Paper People' cards and personalized the cards with little Christmas people with our names under us, a Christmas tree and presents. SO adorable! Oh and I got 40% off and FREE shipping. You can, too! Go to and enter SUPER40 at checkout. The free shipping is great, but you're going to need rush shipping now in order to get them in town. Still makes a good deal considering the 40% off and their prices are pretty good to start with. Oh and there are TONS of great ideas for gifts, too!

Thank you all for the fabulous gift ideas for my little Pumpkin Doodles! I'm having a blast looking into them right now! Kids are so much fun!! Thanks again for all the help!! You ladies are pros at this. ;-)

Every day through December 25, Amazon is unveiling a new holiday song available to download FREE for a limited time!! Check back daily to see what's next! Click HERE.

Now on with the FRIDAY SALE...

Cute top! Can you say New Years Party? It would look adorable with a black skirt or black flowy pants...
XOXO Junior's Ruffle Front Halter
List Price: $39.00
Today's Sale Price: $19.99 - 48% off
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping

The reviews are kind of all over, but hey the price makes it worth a try!
Pike Street Solid 135-Gram Flannel Sheet Sets
List Price: $24.99
Today's Sale Price: $9.99 - 60% off
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I WANT THEM! I WANT THEM! I WANT THEM! Holy cow, 1000 thread count! I have sateen sheets and they are AWESOME...just not 1000 tc!
Pike Street 1000-Thread Count Luxury Single-Ply Sateen Sheet Set
List Price: $200.00
Today's Sale Price: $60.99 - 70% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

I've seen the commercial for these and I just think they're cool. This one screams college girl gift...
Dirt Devil Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum - Pink
List Price: $59.95
Today's Sale Price: $30.35 - 49% off

I love tea! This set not only has the cutest tea pot, but it also comes with tons of fabulous reviews! Great gift idea!
Numi's Bouquet Bamboo Gift Set with Clear Teapot and Nine Flowering Teas
List Price: $33.00
Today's Sale Price: $17.00 - 48% off
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping

I've always wanted to try these...
Caruso Professional ION Steam Hairsetter
List Price: $46.99
Today's Sale Price: $32.99 - 30% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

Not sure if I really care for the watch, but it's a fab deal! Love the tie and the box though! lol
Manhattan Men's Tie and Watch Set
List Price: $125.00
Today's Sale Price: $27.99 - 78% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

Oooooo pretty set! Can steak knives be pretty? Great gift for the chef on your list!
Pinzon 8-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set With Wooden Storage Box
List Price: $80.00
Today's Sale Price: $29.99 - 63% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

I'm suddenly in the mood for french fries and onion rings...homemade, of course.
DeLonghi Cool Touch ROTO Electric Fryer
List Price: $250.00
Today's Sale Price: $79.99 - 68% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

Awwwww I love these!! What a great find! (There is a 3 piece Spode Hostess set in the Friday Sale, too...go find it.) ;-)
Spode Christmas Tree Pedestal Goblets, Set of 4
List Price: $50.00
Today's Sale Price: $21.99 - 56% off
Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping

Oh Oh Oh I'm going to have a giveaway for this soon!!
SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer
List Price: $149.95
Today's Sale Price: $54.99 - 63% off
FREE Super Saver Shipping

Alrighty, that's all I have time for. There is a LOT more where these came from so if you want to see it all...go knock yourself out! Click HERE.

Question of the Day
What's your favorite restaurant and what do you order there?


Unknown said...

My favorite is a local place named Ammarone's. We always like to order appy's and my favorite is the eggplant rollatini - it's baked not fried.

Very Yummy!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love the Cleveland chophouse..Steak all the way!...I love spode pretty!
-sandy toes

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I don't have to cook dinner? Then count me in!!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Bene's an Italian restaurant and I usually order the crab cakes with white bean sauce. Oh YUMMY!!!

Carolyn G said...

Our town is really small but on restaurant, which I love, SPring Street Cafe takes these certificates. Thanks for the giveaway.

silverdot said...

right now i'm loving mei-wah restaurant in DC. i'm into their hot and sour soup. you always have the best giveaways. thanks so much.

Kristen said...

Favorite restaurant? Well it's more fast food ish but I love Moe's Southwest Grill. Nothing like a good taco. But as far as an actual restaurant--right now I'm really liking Chili's. They have the best chips and salsa ever. Hmm....I'm seeing a trend here.

And Hubby and I have a Kone (ours is champagne not pink FYI). I couldn't love it more. It's perfect for cleaning up quick when you try to pull open the brownie mix and it goes everywhere. You don't have to lug out the big vacuum.

Julie said...

A local place called Cucina Tagliani. I almost always get the chicken scampi. It's super garlicky.

FROGGITY! said...

Oh!!! You really outdid yourself with those deals. And by the way I was SO excited about the easel yesterday. I told hubby when he came home and he liked it too!!

Also- those SHEETS ! WOW! and the Spode is my Mom's Christmas pattern! What a deal!

There is no way to choose my favorite restaurant around here... although NINJA sushi is reallllly good... I just cannot pass up N'Awlins cuisine! Jacques Imos... mmmmmm.... Commander's Palace... mmmmm....

Anyhow, I think I just wrote a novel up there. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Our Ohana said...

Sounds like a good giveaway to me!!!!

jami_haban at hotmail dot com

lynette355 said...

hummmm, none where I live could be my favorite. It would have to be Royal Tokyo in Dallas and of course all the sushi I can eat.
Enter ME! Yeah. helped me with christmas gifts.

Jess said...

The sushi place down the street from my house. My goodness, they have the BEST rolls. MMMM.

You can message me on my blog if I win ;)

Denise Grover Swank said...

My favorite restaurant right now is Olive Garden because I lived without one for 3 years and i love Italian food! I love their salad! I usually get their specials so I can try out something new!

Anonymous said...

OHH this would be a great excuse to FINALLY have a night out with my husband since my daughter is now 9 months and we have yet to have a date night out!

Unknown said...

count me in, I love to eat out!!!

Janelle said...

I'm in! Thanks for the chance!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Free music! :)

Someone Being Me said...

My favorite restaurant is Pappadeaux's. I love the crawfish etouffe and the seafood stuffed jalapenos. Unfortunately we don't have one near where I live so it is a special treat when I get to eat there.

Libby Design said...

Yum, free food - I'm in!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

libby_design at yahoo dot com

Impulsive Addict said...

My favorite restaurant is in Fort Worth, TX called Saltgrass. I usually order the filet which is AWESOME!
This is my first time to your blog and it's amazing!

Michelle said...

$10 GC! Awesome, keeping my fingers crossed.

Michelle said...

Hi, I just signed up for catalogs from Exposures....have you heard of Brylane Home? They are very similiar.

Crystal Rae said...

My favorite Restaruant is Miyako's It's a japanese steak house, and I always order Hibachi Chicken, fried rice, and it also comes with noodles and shrimp. I don't care for the shrimp, its a texture thing!

Wanda said...

Yummmmmm. Love eating out! Thanks...and those 1000 TC sheets? Hmmmmm I heart them!

Michelle said...

Oh, my teen would love the ruffle front halter!!!

Amy said...

OH I love Macayo's.... darn good Mexican food!

Hugs... Amy

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite places is Emilio's in Chicago :) and I love their sea food dishes :) and Crambulay

Anonymous said...

Anything that serves food that I don't have to prepare is my favorite right now. lol I'm so tired of cooking and we rarely go out with 3 kids anymore.

My girlfriend has the Smart Shopper thing and she swears by it. I will definitely enter that giveaway! I am really impressed with the 1000tc sheets! Do a giveaway for those! lol


Tyne said...

Yum, I love eating out~ sorry I haven't been by lately- hope all is well with you!

Jamie said...

those are great gift ideas. perfect for people still on the list.

Anonymous said...

I love The Olive Garden and I get linguine with marinara sauce and pasta fagioli. Yummy!

Mandie said...

I love Fridays. Their Jack Daniel burger rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel - if I will I'll take you out for dinner - it looks like they have some great places in Lewiston/Clarkston - we'll meet you there (teehee)

Hugs (and go to bed - it's midnight!!)
slawter at coinet dot com

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel - if I will I'll take you out for dinner - it looks like they have some great places in Lewiston/Clarkston - we'll meet you there (teehee)

Hugs (and go to bed - it's midnight!!)
slawter at coinet dot com

angie said...

Going out to restaurants is my favorite thing to do. A couple people mentioned Olive Garden and that's definitely always been a favorite. Gnocchi, dipping breadsticks into the dressing - yum.

MomItForward Jyl and Carissa said...

I saw Dunkin Donuts mentioned above and get my mind off of them. Mmmmmm donuts! We don't have one where I live and I miss them.

Anonymous said...


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